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Box Office Management Software By The UK’s Leading Ticketing Platform Provider

Box office management software is used by theatres, sports stadiums, museums, art galleries, music venues, charities, and more to manage their ticket sales and events.

It can help simplify the ticket booking process and allow you to focus on other aspects of an event, without having to outsource your booking office activities to an external organisation.

Implementing the right box office management software not only makes your life simpler, but can also massively improve customer satisfaction. Customers want a simple and accessible ticket booking platform that provides a pleasant ticket purchasing experience. 

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The benefits of box office management software

Ticketing software that focuses on box office management can really save you time and money.

Some of the benefits to using box office management software include:

Impressive reporting capabilities

A box office ticketing system allows your organisation to record all ticket sales information in one place. You can see how many tickets were sold on a particular day, or during a certain time frame, and can access all customer information linked to the sold tickets. You can schedule automated reports and easily stay up to date on how sales are going for a particular event.

Improved data collection

Information from ticket sales is automatically recorded in a database, allowing you to easily target any future marketing strategies based on this information.

Enhanced security

A thorough box office system will ensure only unique tickets are created that contain individually identifiable information. This helps to stop ticket resale and unlawful duplication, whilst also allowing you to track customer entry to the event.

Live inventory control

A box office solution with an inventory management feature ensures that in-person, over-the-phone, and online ticket sales are synchronised through an online inventory. This prevents overselling and venues operating over capacity, but also help you modify your ticket prices based on how well an event is selling.

Accounting is simplified

Box office management software helps track all incoming sales alongside outgoing costs. It also makes it easy to access tax information and provide customer tax receipts in a variety of formats.

Happier customers

A box office ticketing system allows customers to purchase tickets through a variety of channels, including via online event registration before ticket release to ensure they don’t miss out on popular events. Online ticketing improves customer satisfaction, as they don’t have to stand in physical queues or call the box office between particular hours in order to secure tickets.

With so many benefits for your venue, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are choosing to use custom box office management software.

But with so many software providers available, it can be hard to choose just one.

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Essential software features

A box office system is only as good as the features it includes, and some will be more important for your business than others. 

Here we explore the top 5 features we think are most important.

1. Event management

Event management software helps with all aspects of running and organising an event; everything from reserved seating to entry rates and attendance. By including event management software within your box office platform, you can run everything from one place.

2.  Accessibility

With over 50% of customers purchasing their tickets on a mobile device, it’s more important than ever that your platform is designed with mobile usability in mind.

The option to view tickets through your own mobile app and allow admissions by scanning customer phones can help your event appeal to a wider audience and improve the customer experience.

3. Data and monitoring

Analysing ticket sales, refunds, purchase patterns, event demographics, and attendance rates can provide important information. 

Software with reporting features helps you assess whether your current sales tactics are working and improve event profits.

4. Marketing

Whilst collecting customer and sales information is important, an event ticketing solution that also incorporates marketing features helps you succeed even further.

Built-in marketing tools help you run email marketing campaigns, advertising runs and target customers who are most likely to respond based on data the system has already collected.

5. Customer service

Dealing with refunds and customer complaints can take a lot of time and manpower. By opting for a box office platform with integrated customer support, you can automate many of the simpler processes and save your staff time.

Customers are often happier, as with AI options such as chatbots there is help available 24/7. This facilitates increased ticket purchasing at all times of the day.

Some software choices even provide a live customer support team for you to use that can respond via live chat or phone communications.

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Seatlab’s box office management software

Read more below about why well-known venues like the Ricoh Arena, Bournemouth International Centre, and Resorts World Arena use our software.

Fully customisable

Our box office management software can be adapted to suit your exact requirements. Unlike other software options that offer one package with little room for customisation, we have a variety of services.

We offer three different inclusive packages, each with a different combination of features that strike a balance between cost and complexity.

Essential package

Our “essential” package includes virtual event management, ticket format options, ticket order management and an easy one-page checkout feature without any monthly fees.

Growth package

Our “growth” package also includes options for vouchers and promotional content, customer support, automated report scheduling and our unique “best available” seat selection tool that helps encourage customer spending.

Pro package

Our “pro” package adds further seat mapping and reservation functions, as well as printed ticket solutions and promoter accounts. This package offers extra assistance for those who need help transitioning from their current platform to ours, or integrating our software into their pre-existing website.


Finally, we offer a bespoke option for those looking for a tailored box office management platform. This “enterprise” option includes any or all of the features accessible in the other packages, but also includes bespoke feature development. Our design team can help create the exact features you are looking for, and ensure your software is a perfect fit.

Tailored booking fees

Seatlab charges some of the lowest fees per ticket; this cost goes down even further with our “growth” and “pro” packages.

Our booking fees are also totally customisable, meaning you are able to change booking fee costs between events and even between different types of seating. This allows you to vary your booking fees based on ticket prices, popularity, and expected event attendance. 

The profits made from these booking fees go back to you, and can be a useful way to increase the profit per ticket.


Seatlab provides box office management software that’s designed with user experience in mind. Having undergone several rounds of live testing, you can be sure our software is easy and enjoyable to use.

Our platform is designed to be fully mobile-compatible, as we recognise more searches are carried out on a mobile than a desktop. Our tickets function well on mobile devices and can be scanned digitally to allow seamless entry to events.

We offer customer account creation that links to social media accounts, making the sign-in process much simpler for the user. This allows customers to return to their basket and orders at the click of a button.

Our interactive seat mapping tool is a huge asset to improve customer satisfaction. It allows visitors to view your venue virtually and pick their seat based on price and location all from the comfort of their own home.


All of our tickets are issued with a unique QR code that is scanned during entry and checked against a database. This ensures each ticket is legitimate, reducing ticket fraud but also helping to ensure your venue doesn’t go over capacity.

Our software uses cloud-based storage that is maintained by our experienced team. We run a collection of high-performance servers with several backups in order to ensure your platform is protected at all times. 

Customer and client information is stored securely on our encrypted servers and is regularly checked for GDPR compliance.

We provide an end-to-end encrypted payment system that has been thoroughly tested to ensure these sensitive details are kept safe. We use Stripe as a payment processor, however we are happy to help integrate your pre-existing payment system into our software in a safe and secure manner.

Customer service

Our team is always available to offer support and guidance, and our customer service is all entirely in-house and never outsourced to external companies. We are constantly assessing and monitoring platform performance to ensure your system is always running as expected.

Our platform transition service helps make sure there are no issues during the switch to our software. We aim to limit any disruption to your customers and ensure no downtime for your website.

Try Seatlab for yourself

If you are considering whether Seatlab is for you, why not book a demo? By trying our platform for yourself, you can see why our clients make 7% more per ticket on average than those using alternative ticketing software.

To find out more about the different software packages Seatlab has to offer, or to discuss a bespoke package to suit your needs, contact us today.

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