Our Event Ticketing Software Features

Our feature rich event ticketing software doesn't just allow for a smooth and secure buying experience for your users, it also enables you to help your bottom line by generating more revenue per ticket sold!
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User Interface


Interactive Seat Mapping & Reservation

Let your customers quickly find the best seats in the house using our intuitive interactive seat map feature and seat picker tool. Our sleek system is designed to allow customers to zoom into selected blocks or areas of your venue and choose their exact seat all from the comfort of their home.

Additional costs may apply.

Support Multiple Ticket Types

By giving venues the ability to apply various ticket prices per seat, customers are now able to purchase a range of tickets without any difficulty. Whether you want to sell single-day, multi-day, VIP or group tickets, it can be done with our platform. Furthermore, combining two tickets like a single-day and VIP pass into one single-day VIP ticket can be done with ease.

“Best Available” Function

Customers can quickly and easily select the best available seats by simply clicking a button. The option to do so encourages people to increase the amount they spend when they see what paying a little extra can get them. It’s one of our interactive seat map’s most powerful features and isn’t found on other ticketing platforms.

Fully Responsive and Mobile Optimised

The world is run from people’s phones these days, so it’s important that any platform is fully optimised for the mobile era. More Google searches are now performed on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers. Being able to capitalise on this is extremely important, which is why we focused so heavily on ensuring our platform is fully responsive.



You may already have a site for your venue but you're still in need of a ticketing solution. That's where our iFrame software comes in. You can now use Seatlab's intuitive Iframe to sell tickets from your existing platform.

Highly-Tested UX

Our ticketing solution is the best available. It has undergone rigorous assessment and testing so that both you and the end user will have the very best experience. The user experience (UX) was at the forefront of its development because we believe that it doesn’t matter how many features a platform has, if it’s not a pleasure to use, it won’t be successful.

Basket Feature

Selling merchandise, venue tours and hospitality days has never been easier than now with our basket feature. Our powerful system is fully flexible and designed to easily handle thousands of e-commerce transactions. This essential feature allows your organisation to increase profits and build a larger fan base simultaneously.

Customer Account Creation & Social Sign in

Make your system easy and straightforward to use. Customers can create an account using their email address or, alternatively, you can simplify the experience with a quick sign-in process via Facebook or Twitter. Allow users to return time and again for all future events hassle-free at the click of a button. Give them the most convenient experience, and you the chance to build client loyalty based on a truly simple, but strong and flexible, way to purchase tickets.


A Full E-Ticketing Solution

When your customer purchases a ticket, they will receive an email confirmation of the purchase with their e-ticket attached. You can manually re-send customers confirmation emails if needed with the click of a button. Every e-ticket can feature a bespoke branded design specific to each event and/or promoter.


Smart Seating

Our industry leading algorithm means any venue can be optimised for maximum profit by ensuring no single empty seats are left between bookings. Furthermore, the algorithm can be tweaked to make your venue compliant with Covid restrictions. Our system does this by only making seats at a safe distance from one another available to customers.

Voucher Codes And Promotions

Allow the use of coupon codes at checkout to offer people discounts and run special offers. You can assign coupon codes to specific events, run them for a specified amount of time, allocate percentage discounts or a set monetary discount, as well as decide if they can or cannot be used in conjunction with another offer.

Ticket/QR Scanning

Quickly scan your customer’s printed or e-ticket when they arrive at the venue on any smart device that’s logged into our platform. Once the ticket has been scanned and verified as valid, the individual will be marked as ‘checked in’ on the database immediately. Thanks to our cloud-based nature, this ensures the same ticket cannot be used twice even if somebody attempts to use a duplicate at another point of entry.


Printed Ticket Solution

An alternative to e-ticketing is physical printed tickets. We can supply printed ticket templates for customers embedded with secure QR codes. Based on the ticket template, tickets will be issued for each customer which includes their personal details and a unique QR code. These templates are ready to print and work with industry leading ticket printing machines such as BOCA systems. We can also supply you with the printing equipment and support needed to offer physical tickets if you wish.

Custom Booking Fees Per Event

No matter how many different events you run, each can have its own booking fee. You get to keep 100% of any booking fees you do decide to charge so if you want to generate more revenue from a specific event, simply set a custom booking fee of your choosing.

Unique Product Identifiers

Every ticket has its own unique identifiers. Customers themselves, or your team, can lookup individual tickets by searching for an email address, name or postcode. Each ticket that’s issued is unique to the individual who it is assigned to, making tracking orders easy.

Reporting & Management

In-Depth Reporting Dashboard

The reporting dashboard is where you and your team can get an overview of the total number of sales for each event or venue, total revenue, customer demographics, booking fee revenue and much more. This real-time sales data is imperative when it comes to formulating future marketing campaigns.

The information is displayed in a simple format using charts and graphs so you can get an overview of how the operation is running quickly at a glance. The data can also be exported or automatically emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Ticket Order Management

Cancelling orders, editing details and stock management are all taken care of by our system. On their account page, customers will be able to easily cancel orders (if applicable) or edit their details. This drastically lightens the load for your customer services department.

Ticket pricing can be automatically set based on remaining stock levels. For example, if 90% of tickets have been sold, the price of the remaining 10% could be set to increase by X amount.


Customisable Promoter Account

The system allows the creation of accounts that make assessment, reporting and analysis unique to the individual promoter, rather than have them pour information into, and out of, a one-size-fits-all network. Adaptable to specific requirements. Create your own reports, tailored to reflect precisely the information you want, and in the format you want it.

Highly Scalable and Adaptable

Our system is fully flexible and designed to conveniently and easily handle thousands of transactions simultaneously. Whether you sell thousands of tickets or even millions of tickets, our platform will perform flawlessly. We have the skills and expertise to integrate our system into any existing website or app. We’re also able to design and develop a brand new and unique site around your requirements if you wish.

Hosting & Security

SSL 3D Payments with Stripe Integration

All payment information, along with all other personal data, is handled over a secure connection. We use end-to-end encryption so that there are no potential vulnerabilities at any point in the chain.

Stripe is our payment processor of choice and has already been integrated into the platform. However, if you use a different payment processor and would like to continue using them, just let us know. We can integrate most payment processors so get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Session Timeout Management

To give your customers time to complete the checkout process, the system reserves their seats for a set amount of time. If, after the timer has reached zero, the customer still hasn’t completed checkout, the seats they were about to purchase will be made available again. That way it stops people reserving seats indefinitely, but also gives them the chance to book their favourite seats on a first-come-first-served basis without there being a race to check out.

Safe & Secure Information

Dealing with personal information securely is a vital requirement for all companies. Confidently inform your customers that their data and all payment information is properly, securely and fully GDPR compliant and is held on encrypted servers, satisfying the most stringent protection specifications. This essential feature illustrates just how seriously your organisation takes its responsibilities.

High-Performance Servers

Our cloud-based platform runs on high-performance servers with multiple backups and super-fast caching abilities. This combination guarantees 99.99% uptime so that your business can operate as smoothly as possible. We’ve built in traffic surge protection so that you’re not let down when it matters the most.

Imagine the feeling of dismay if a popular social media influencer was to tweet about your event only for the rush of unexpected traffic to crash your site. With our uptime guarantee, you can rest assured you won’t miss out on unexpected opportunities.

Cloud-Based Software

Our platform is totally cloud-based. This means that you don’t need to host any software, run servers or connect your various sales channels together. You just plug into our cloud. We take care of maintaining the system and keeping it running 24/7 which frees your team up to focus on more important things.

Help & Support


Platform Transition Service

Moving over to our system is never a problem. We have invested heavily in ensuring your organisation and your customers will experience no difficulties whatsoever coming on board. Our transition service guarantees minimal aggravation and a smooth transition. To your customers, it will be seamless with no downtime.

Full Managed Service and Support

An in-house team are employed to constantly assess and monitor the platform to ensure it is optimised for best use and that it is performing as specified and as expected. This service is fundamental to the success of our system and is, of course, all part of the package we offer.