How To Get The Most Out Of A White-Label Ticketing System

Having a recognisable brand helps you sell more tickets, which is why the leading event managers and promoters use white-label ticketing systems.

Unlike traditional ticketing solutions, a white-label service allows you to use your own branding. You can ensure that customers see your brand name and logo across all content, even when selling tickets. Using a white-label ticketing platform may help you boost brand recognition and ticket sales.

Yet, you need to use the right features to get the most out of your account. The following article covers the steps needed to benefit more from a white-label ticketing system.

What Is a White-Label Ticketing System?

A white-label ticketing system includes all the features of a standard ticketing platform, but without the service provider’s branding. It is an off-the-shelf product that you can market as if you developed it in-house.

Everything that the customer sees is stripped of the typical brand information, such as the name of the service provider, their logo, and contact info. You have a blank slate for customising the system with your own brand identity.

Ticket resellers, event managers, and promoters can quickly implement a full-featured ticketing system instead of building one from the ground up. You save time and resources that are better used in marketing your events.

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Benefits of Using a White-Label Ticketing System

White-label products and services are used in almost every sector. From grocery items to software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, white-label solutions help businesses quickly sell products with distinct branding.

Examine some of the advantages of using a white-label ticketing system in the events industry:

  • Enjoy quick and easy deployment
  • Save time and money
  • Focus more on core competencies
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Promote your brand

Alternatives to white-label ticket systems include standard third-party ticketing systems and custom development. Compared to developing a custom solution, using a white-label service offers faster results. As white-label systems are already built, you do not need to wait for a lengthy development process. You can quickly set up your account and start managing events.

White-label solutions also save time, money, and resources. At Seatlab, you also benefit from some of the lowest fees for ticket sales. The resources that you save allow you to focus more on core competencies. You can devote more time to what your business does best instead of developing and implementing a custom platform.

Seatlab’s white-label ticketing system is also built with a strong focus on user experience. Our platform has undergone thorough UX/UI testing to ensure that it delivers a smooth, simple interface for you and your clients.

Along with these advantages, white-label ticketing systems help you promote your brand. You do not need to share recognition with the system’s developer. You can ensure that every detail aligns with the image that you want to present, from the colour schemes and graphics to the company name and logo.

How to Grow Your Brand with a White-Label Ticketing System

Choosing the right ticketing system allows you to enjoy the benefits discussed above. With Seatlab, you receive access to a wide range of features for helping you get the most out of our platform.

Highlights of our white-label ticketing system include:

  • Streamlined account creation
  • Competitive fees
  • iFrame integration
  • Voucher codes and promotions
  • Interactive seat mapping
  • Easy-to-navigate reporting dashboard

These features allow you to boost brand recognition and enjoy the full benefits of a white-label ticket service. Here is a closer look.


Build Brand Loyalty with Convenient Account Creation

Our customer account creation process includes social sign-ins. Allow new customers to quickly create an account using an email address or social media sign-in. A quick sign-in process helps build greater loyalty with your brand and makes it easier to track customer metrics.

All transactions are automatically logged and viewable from your reporting dashboard. You can even view customer demographics and other metrics in real time.

Take Advantage of Lower Fees to Boost Sales

The top white-label ticketing solutions, such as Seatlab, allow you to set custom booking fees. Setting custom fees on top of already low rates makes it easier to set the best prices for your tickets. You keep 100% of any booking fees you charge. If you need to boost revenue for a specific event, you can simply adjust the custom booking fee to suit your goals.

Along with custom booking fees, our system includes extra features for upselling merchandise and increasing your profits. Our powerful, flexible checkout system includes a basket feature and “best available” feature. The “best available” feature lets customers find the best seats based on their budget or other criteria.

Use an iFrame to Integrate Our Platform on an Existing Site

White-label ticketing systems provide access to an online interface for selling tickets. Yet, instead of linking to another site, you may prefer to integrate the sales page on an existing site.

With our iframe software, you can add our ticketing solution to any webpage. Using an iframe allows you to keep visitors on your site, helping to deliver a seamless experience.

Include Voucher Codes and Promotions in Your Marketing Campaign

Voucher codes and promotions enhance your marketing efforts, helping you sell more tickets. Using coupons as part of a white-label ticketing system also increases brand loyalty. We give you the option to create coupon codes for specific events or timeframes. You can also set a monetary discount or percentage discount and combine codes with other offers.

Coupons are a great way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. For example, you can offer a special discount for new customers that they can apply to their first purchase. Existing customers may receive discounts to keep them coming back.

Showcase Your Venue with Interactive Seat Mapping

Interactive seat mapping is a customisable feature that allows you to recreate the layout of your seating online. Customers can view the seating arrangement and choose seats based on their preferences.

Everyone is different when it comes to attending public events. Some people want to be as close to the front as possible while others prefer to sit near the back or middle. Interactive seat mapping ensures that customers can find the right seats.

Monitor Ticket Sales with Our In-Depth Reporting Dashboard

You need to pay attention to sales data to continually improve your marketing campaigns. Our reporting dashboard gives you a quick overview of the most essential metrics, including:

  • Total sales for each event or venue
  • Total revenue
  • Booking fee revenue
  • Customer demographics
  • Much more

The sales data is available in real-time and includes access to custom views, such as charts and graphs. You can easily assess the success of your marketing and find ways to improve your efforts.

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Scalable, Adaptable White-Label Ticketing System

The white-label ticketing system you choose also needs to be scalable. You need a system that can continue to support your needs as your business grows. This keeps you from needing to switch services and learn a new system.

Our white-label ticket platform is also useful for initial company scaling. If you are just launching your business venture, you can use our system to quickly scale your operations and sell more tickets. You instantly gain access to the infrastructure needed to handle your ticket sales.

Why Choose Our White-Label Ticketing System for Your Events?

Seatlab is a reliable ticketing platform with a robust set of features. We give you everything needed to sell tickets online and the flexibility to suit any type of event.

Yet, we also provide access to features that you will not easily find elsewhere, including:

  • Wide range of ticket management options
  • Fully responsive and mobile optimised platform
  • Dependable infrastructure with cloud-based software
  • Safe, secure transactions and customer privacy

Seatlab gives you a variety of options for event creation and ticket management, including supporting multiple ticket types. For example, you can add single-day, multi-day, group, or VIP tickets. You can also combine multiple ticket types, such as a single-day ticket with a VIP pass.

Our system provides a convenient interface for you, your team, and your customers. The platform is fully responsive and mobile optimised for use on any internet-connected device. Whether you work from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone, you can access all the features of Seatlab.

We also complete rigorous testing to ensure that you and the end user receive the best experience. All pages and dashboards offer simple navigation options and a clean interface. The infrastructure is also reliable, thanks to our high-performance servers and cloud-based software. We keep everything running 24/7 so you can keep selling tickets around the clock.

All payment information and customer data are secure and safe with Seatlab. We use SSL 3D payments with Stripe integration for secure transactions and comply with all GDPR requirements.

If you want to grow your events business, try our white-label ticketing system. We offer competitive fees and flexible solutions for selling tickets online. Contact us today to arrange a demo or sign up with Seatlab to start managing your events.

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