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How We Developed Our Online Ticket System with You in Mind

Selling tickets online helps you generate more business, faster and with less effort. Yet, you need to ensure that you choose the right Online ticket system.

At Seatlab, we built an intuitive platform that anyone can use to sell tickets to all types of events, from festivals to sports events. Keep reading to learn how our system can help with your ticket sales.

Why Use an Online Ticket System?

An online ticket system allows you to sell tickets around the clock. Compared to physical sales and phone sales, selling online offers greater convenience and easier ticket management.

An online ticket system makes it easy for guests to book an event online using secure payment options. Customers can visit your sales page, learn more about your event, and purchase tickets directly through your website. Everything is handled online.

After a customer purchases a ticket, they receive a confirmation email. You can choose to make either e-tickets or printed tickets with QR codes available to customers. 

So, why should you use an online ticketing system for your business? Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Increase your ticket sales
  • Save time managing ticket orders
  • Boost the efficiency of your operations
  • Reach a much wider audience

Online ticketing platforms help increase ticket sales, as your sales pages are always open for business. You can accept reservations 24/7 instead of requiring customers to call in or show up in person. People can shop for tickets from the comfort of their own home, which tends to result in more sales.

You also save time managing ticket orders. Your staff spends less of their day dealing with ticket-related tasks, such as selling tickets, cancelling orders, and sending refunds. These details are handled through the ticketing system.

Relying on an online ticketing system for ticket order management also boosts the efficiency of your operation. You can devote more time to other tasks and responsibilities, such as preparing for an event or launching a new marketing campaign.

Yet, one of the biggest advantages of an online ticket platform is your ability to reach a wider audience. Instead of focusing on your local area, you can reach customers from around the globe.

What to Look for in an Online Ticket System

An online ticket system may help you sell more tickets, but you need to choose the right platform. Seatlab was developed to provide a better experience for you and your customers.

Some of the advantages of our system include:

  • Convenient ticket management
  • Innovative ticketing features
  • Secure checkout features
  • Reliable cloud-based software
  • Superior customer experience
  • Highly scalable and adaptable solution

We provide a dependable solution for selling tickets, as our platform is continuously monitored by a skilled in-house team. Every aspect of Seatlab is optimised to ensure that our system performs as specified and as expected. Here is a closer look.

Convenient Ticket Management Features

Every event has different requirements when it comes to tickets. You may need to use different types of tickets, monitor ticket sales, and deal with cancelled orders. Our ticket management features help with these steps.

Our system supports multiple ticket types. You can offer single-day tickets, multi-day tickets, and more. You may even combine ticket types, such as offering a VIP pass with a single-day ticket.

Seatlab is a full e-ticketing solution. You can offer e-tickets with bespoke branded designs that are specific to the event or promoter. Customers receive an email confirmation after purchase. They can also easily request that you resend the e-tickets if they happen to lose the initial email.

If you prefer printed tickets, we have you covered. Our printed ticket templates allow you to customise the layout to suit your needs. The templates also include secure QR codes, which are also available on e-tickets.

With QR scanning, you can streamline the check-in process. Your team can quickly scan the QR codes on each customer’s ticket. This helps cut down on congestion near the entrances just before the start of your festival.

Boost Your Profits with Innovative Ticketing Features

We also provide several features for optimising profits, including the ability to set ticket prices based on remaining seats. For example, after selling 90% of the tickets, you may increase or decrease the price of the remaining 10% by a set amount.

Smart seating is another feature that can help with profits by ensuring that no empty seats remain between bookings. This feature relies on our industry-leading algorithm for optimising prices. It takes the hassle out of adjusting prices and seat availability based on recent sales data.You can also use smart seating for social distancing. Allow the algorithm to ensure that available seats are a safe distance from one another. With the threat of COVID still a concern, you may want to choose a ticketing system that allows you to quickly adapt to new restrictions.

Secure Checkout Features Provide Peace of Mind

Along with a great customer experience, you can provide customers with secure transactions. All payment information and personal data are handled over secure connections with end-to-end encryption. We also use Stripe to process payments but can integrate options from most other payment processors as well.

Dealing with payment information and personal data also requires you to follow the GDPR. Seatlab is fully GDPR-compliant. All sensitive data is secured according to regulations and held on encrypted servers. These details give customers confidence in knowing that their personal information and payment details are protected against cyber threats.

Reliable Cloud-Based Software for Selling Tickets 24/7

The reliability of our platform should offer additional peace of mind. You can count on our system to remain up and running every day of the year. We use high-performance servers running cloud software.

Our entire system is cloud-based. We use multiple backups, super-fast caching, and traffic surge protection to offer a 99.99% server uptime guarantee. Instead of worrying about what happens when your website crashes, you can rest assured that everything is running around the clock.

As a cloud-based platform, Seatlab does not require you to host any software. Everything is taken care of by our team, which limits the burden on your staff. You do not need to address the technical side of selling tickets online, which gives you more time and energy to work on your marketing campaigns.

Attract and Retain More Customers with Seatlab

Selling more tickets is likely the main reason why you are considering using an online ticket system. Your ability to increase sales largely depends on the customer experience of the platform that you use.

At Seatlab, we offer a better experience, thanks to the following features:

  • Interactive seat mapping
  • Mobile optimised design
  • Streamlined customer account creation
  • Best available feature
  • Voucher codes and promotions

Interactive seat mapping is one of our most popular features. It allows customers to choose seats using an interactive map. They can zoom in on areas and find the best seats based on their specific wishes.

All pages are also optimised for viewing on mobile devices. You can target customers on any device and ensure that everything loads properly. We have thoroughly tested our system to guarantee that it works flawlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

After a potential customer decides to buy a ticket, they can quickly create an account and complete the transaction. A complex customer account creation process can scare customers away. Our streamlined account creation options include social sign-ins, allowing customers to sign-up using their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

We also have a unique “best available” feature. Customers can enter their budget into a field and click a button to instantly find the best seats for their money. This tends to help maximise profits by encouraging customers to buy the best seats that they can afford.

Our platform also allows you to offer coupons and discounts. You can use coupon codes with your marketing campaigns to drum up more interest in your events.

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Highly Scalable and Adaptable Ticketing Solution

Seatlab provides a completely scalable solution for selling tickets online. You do not need to worry about outgrowing our platform. We can support your ticket-selling needs, no matter the scale of your operations.

Whether you sell tickets to a few small events or manage some of the largest events in the UK, we have you covered. Our platform is reliable enough to handle massive traffic and millions of ticket sales without crashing or providing an inferior experience.

Our developers also have the skills needed to integrate our system with any existing website or mobile app. We can tailor our solutions around your needs to make transitioning to our system even easier.

Discover the Value of Our Online Ticket System for Yourself

In the end, an online ticket system is beneficial for any event manager, promoter, or business that sells tickets. Unfortunately, not all ticketing systems offer a user-friendly experience.

At Seatlab, we built our system with you in mind. You do not need any technical experience to start creating events, setting ticket prices, and reaching more customers. We can even walk you through our features.

Implementing new technology can be intimidating. We make it easy to switch to our ticketing system. Contact us today to request a demo or choose a plan to start selling tickets online.

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