Complete Theatre Box Office Software

From issuing tickets to managing admissions on the day of the event, our software can handle it all. It's an all-in-one solution that integrates every aspect of the ticketing process seamlessly. An intuitive interface clearly communicates all of the necessary information to team members who work in the box office and makes the data entry process as easy as following a checklist.

Sell Theatre Tickets Online

As well as selling physical tickets at the box office, the system can be easily set up to sell tickets online. Again, it can be seamlessly integrated with other points of sale so that available inventory is automatically synced across all platforms in real-time. Sell theatre tickets to your customers wherever they are online, be it a website or app.

Foolproof Theatre Admission

You'll never have to worry about fraudulent tickets again. Our anti-fraud technology means no ticket can ever be scanned twice and our barcode generating algorithm ensures that every barcode is unique and impossible to counterfeit. Arm your staff with our ticket scanning app that's available for most smart devices so they can scan tickets on the go.

Cinema Ticketing Software

Selling cinema tickets has never been easier and more cost-effective. It doesn't matter what industry you're in, we never charge a booking fee per ticket. After licensing our software, you're free to keep 100% of the revenue generated. Unlike other ticketing solutions, with us, more movie-goers means you'll end up paying less for selling your tickets.

Issuing Tickets

Paper tickets, eTickets or scannable QR codes, our system can be programmed to work with whichever ticket type you'd prefer.

A No Drama Theatre Ticketing Solution For The Performing Arts

You shouldn't need to worry about the technical aspects of selling tickets, all you need to focus on is putting on a show. When you license our ticketing software, you're not just getting a computer program, you're getting a team of talented individuals who will shoulder the technical burden of selling tickets.

Leverage our powerful platform to reach new audiences in new places. The ability to integrate our system with online marketing tools and social media platforms means you can promote your event to fresh eyes with just a few clicks of a button.

Here at Seatlab, we pride ourselves on providing the best online ticketing system for art galleries, theatres and comedy clubs for both individual venues and promoters who manage multiple venues. The versatile nature of the system means that it can handle the ticketing process of as many events taking place in as many different venues as you require.