Sports Stadium Ticketing Software

A powerful way to get tickets into the hands of sports fans. Sports stadiums need a system that works for them on game day and our highly capable ticketing software won't let you down. Our proprietary anti-fraud technology will ensure that no single ticket can ever be used twice.

Sports Tickets Without Fees

Sports stadiums host thousands of guests multiple times per month. So, why not generate extra revenue with our Custom Bookings fees feature.

We don't charge any of our own booking fees, so you keep 100% of the booking fee per ticket sold. When you request a demo, we'll calculate how much you can save by using our license fee-based system.

Stadium Seat Mapping

We can create user-friendly interactive seat maps of any sports stadium or venue that allow your customers to choose where they sit. They will always know exactly what tickets they're booking.

Issuing Tickets

Paper tickets, eTickets or reusable season passes, our system can be programmed to work with whichever ticket type you'd prefer.

Sell Sports Tickets Online Or At The Box Office

You can sell your tickets to customers online as well as using a physical POS system. The data will be processed and records will be updated across all of your integrated platforms. So if you sell the last available ticket at the box office, your online store will automatically update itself to sold out.

An All-in-One Advanced Ticket Management System

From selling and issuing tickets online, to managing game day admissions, our system takes care of every aspect of event ticketing. Our dedicated account managers and tech support team will ensure that everything runs smoothly, all of the time.

We can implement our ticketing system into your existing website or app with no downtime. Inventory management, seating availability, pricing, returns, payment processing and issuing tickets are all taken care of automatically.

You can thank loyal fans by easily issuing season tickets and fan club discounts without the risk of fraud thanks to our anti-fraud technology. At the gates, each ticket is scanned and recorded. When a ticket is presented, each barcode scanning terminal checks to ensure that the ticket is unused before giving your staff the green light to let that person through.

Our tech support team will set everything up to make sure it's all running smoothly and will be on hand to offer assistance should any technical issues arise. A dedicated account manager will provide you and your team with guidance on how to get the most out of the system.