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Theatre Ticketing Software That Will Help Your Business Grow

The use of ticketing and assigning seats was first implemented in the early Roman amphitheatres. As the empire grew, and thousands of people started coming in to experience the Roman Colosseum in approximately 80 A.D., it became imperative for the then organisers to use a system to manage large crowds. 

Fast forward to the early 2000s, the internet took over the ticketing industry and introduced an all-new system of managing tickets using theatre ticketing software.  

The biggest problem with box office ticketing systems was that one had to personally go to the box office/theatre office to buy a ticket. With online ticketing, you can buy a ticket online from anywhere, anytime and even choose your prefered seat!

The Ticketing Industry

Ticketing contributes 46% of the events industry’s total revenue. The onset of COVID-19 brought challenges and opportunities along for the event ticketing industry. Movies and theatres are massive content generators but the pandemic put hard brakes on the content pipeline. As a result, the industry witnessed a drastic shift in ticketing distribution, attendee check-in experience and the use of augmented reality. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the standout features that you can get in a custom developed theatre ticketing software package that will help your business grow.

About Seatlab

Seatlab is the UK’s leading ticketing platform, offering a complete event ticketing software package. Being customer-centric, this customised ticketing platform offers a wide array of features to help your attendees book tickets at their convenience. Seatlab’s product roadmap is focused on offering best-in-class features to keep innovating the space and to capture a bigger market share. 

These features are designed to enhance user experience at the end-user level and also at the administrator level, creating a win-win for all stakeholders. Our cloud-based software offers fully managed support and services to our clients so that they can focus on business expansion while the technology and backend operations are handled by the expert team of software engineers here at Seatlab.

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10 Features Of Seatlab’s Theatre Ticketing System That Will Help Your Business Grow 

Ticketing platforms are evolving fast with almost 100% of all tickets being booked online owing to strict COVID guidelines issued by authorities across the globe. 

One of the top concerns for the ticketing industry right now is how to give a heightened customer experience while ensuring social distancing and compliance with health and safety policies at the venues.

Here are Seatlab’s top 10 features that will help your business grow.

Interactive Seating

Functionality offered: Interactive seat mapping and reservation are designed to help attendees choose and book the seats of their choice. The seat picker tool gives multidirectional access to attendees to check their preferred seats and the adjoining areas within the venue so that they can make a smart choice. Owing to Covid, people are selective about how to behave amongst large crowds and this feature surely gives the customer an upper hand in enjoying the theatre while maintaining social distance.

Benefits for the business: This flexibility of selecting the seat of their choice offers a better experience to your attendees from the comfort of their homes. Good customer service means an increased probability of repeat business.

Multiple Ticket Booking

Functionality offered: Multiple ticket booking allows you to showcase all the types of tickets you are offering for your event. Event attendees can book a single-day ticket, a multi-day ticket, VIP tickets, etc.

Benefits for the business: Offering the end user a choice of tickets is a great way to upsell more expensive options which, in turn, generates more revenue for you as a business and also offers more choice to your customer.

QR Code Scanning

Functionality offered: The software allows the users to scan the QR code of their ticket at the box office to check in and enjoy the performing arts once again. Once the ticket is scanned and verified, the individual will be marked as “checked-in” immediately on the software. 

Benefits for the business: Apart from offering speed and efficiency for theatre lovers when it comes to entering the venue, this feature helps businesses in managing sales and eliminates the risk of the same ticket being used twice.

No Upper Cap On Booking Fees

Functionality offered:  The software allows the business to charge a booking fee of their choice and it can be customised for every single event. 

Benefits for the business: You get to keep 100% of all custom booking fees you set when using the Seatlab theatre ticketing software, helping you to increase revenue. 

Order Management

Functionality offered: Having ticket order management in place means that you don’t have to manually assist the attendees in case they cancel their tickets and claim a refund, edit their details, or simply change the date. The organiser can also set the prices of the tickets based on supply and demand fundamentals. 

Benefits for the business:  A smart order management solution manages orders end-to-end for your attendees, freeing your time and resources to focus on more important business issues. 

Multiple Payment Gateways

Functionality offered: It is always good to give your attendees the option to choose their preferred payment method. Our intuitive and highly secure software enables multiple payment gateways to be integrated for attendees to choose from. To top it off, attendees can apply vouchers and discount coupons during checkout. 

Benefits for the business: Customer data security is of prime importance and this feature promotes trust in your brand when attendees can choose their preferred payment method.

Secure and Efficient Infrastructure

Functionality offered: Our software runs on high performing servers that guarantee 99.99% uptime, multiple data backups to fall back on and quick caching for an enhanced experience. The software is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant and stores customers’ personal information on encrypted servers. 

Benefits for the business: Seatlab’s efficient and secure infrastructure makes sure that traffic surges can be managed with ease without compromising uptime and data. This not only holds your brand in a better position in the market, but also helps in scaling operations and securing more business. 

Interactive Analytics

Functionality offered: The software captures data from multiple sources which can be used to find insights into the business. The data is shown in simple charts and graphics. 

Benefits for the business: Easily comprehensible data helps business managers to strategise better and offer solutions focused on revenue generation, customer experience and fast scalability.

White Label Solution

Functionality offered: A tailor-made software that boasts all the features that are essential for your business and are decided based on the current market trends and the future needs of the industry. Our white label solution allows you to have your own logo and colour scheme as well as a plethora of other customisations so that the platform fully aligns with your brand.

Benefits for the business: Having a custom made solution that is fully brandable is a cost-effective way of taking back control of the ticketing process. Reap the benefits without the time and financial investment of developing your own platform from the ground up. 


Functionality offered: Seatlab’s theatre ticketing software is fully scalable and allows businesses to simultaneously sell a variety of tickets in any number on a single platform.

Benefits for the business:  The business can have multiple event organisers host multiple tickets at a time without any hiccups. 

These are some of the top features that Seatlab offers. We know that we grow only when you grow, and we are here to help you on that journey.

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Seatlab’s Approach To Building Theatre Ticketing Software 

Here at Seatlab, we always put the customer first. Being in the event ticketing industry, we know the importance of speed, customer service and competitive pricing in helping to drive growth. Here is a six-step approach on how we develop software solutions for you. 

  1. Understand client goals

Every client comes to us with a different mindset and has a unique goal to achieve. As a customer-centric company, our team of experts understand your objectives, current and future business needs and help you achieve your goals. Once you’re onboard, we move to the next step. 

  1. Formulate a plan

All of our pricing plans are available to see on our website. The customer can decide on what price plans suit their needs and budget and can choose accordingly. For bespoke development, our experts work with clients to prepare a business use-case and suggest a tailored solution. The prices for all custom-built solutions are based on the client’s needs and the add-on features that they are looking for.

  1. Deploy the software

The next logical step is to deploy the software and integrate clients’ business models with it. The transition is smooth with no downtime. The transition happens with key stakeholders from the client’s side being involved in the process so that there is minimum dependency post-delivery and software deployment. 

  1. After-sales service

A dedicated account manager and an in-house team are available for the client for any assistance they might need. The team ensures that the software is fully optimised and working as required.


Seatlab takes pride in being one of the top companies in the UK to provide theatre ticketing software solutions. Businesses can choose a customisable solution or pick a standard solution as per their needs. Seatlab’s smart seating and smart ticketing algorithm allows event attendees to pick a seat of their choice whilst being venue compliant.

If you are looking for a custom-built solution or would like us to suggest a solution, do write to us at or call at +442033763006.
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