8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Seatlab’s Event Planning Platform

Organising an event can be a powerful marketing tool for any company. Live events require significant time and effort to successfully pull off. Still, if done correctly, they can be extremely profitable. It may therefore be worth considering using event planning software, or an online event planning platform.

The influence of an event, particularly a highly customised in-person event, rests in the possibility it offers to meet with a target group in person. Despite technological advancements, there is nothing more impactful than that. People perform business with other people, after all.

Event planning platforms incorporate multiple tools to help streamline the event planning process. These platforms can organise large-scale events such as festivals, trade shows, professional organisation meetings, and conferences. Event organisers utilise these platforms to aid with strategic event planning from start to finish with tools that enable registration of exhibitors and/or attendees, agenda development, attendee engagement, event marketing, payment processing, and more.

Quality event planning software such as Seatlab’s generally includes ticketing and event registration software, event marketing software, event planning software, and much more.

What Qualifies a Product as an Event Planning Platform?

For a product to be labelled as an event planning platform, it must:

  • Make it possible to create a unique event-specific portal or web page
  • Make available customisable payment processing and forms for exhibitor and/or attendee registration
  • Allow users to able to manage and view attendee lists
  • Have available marketing tools such as email marketing, attendee satisfaction surveys, branded event websites, and social media integration

Why You Need Event Planning Software

Event planning and management can be the most rewarding job, but it can be highly exhausting. Event coordinators can work up to twenty hours a day! It’s therefore important to use tools to assist with strategic event planning.

Having a great event planning platform can make all the difference in the world. Just as a superhero needs a reliable sidekick, you need a quality set of event planning tools to save you time running logistics so that you can keep your event productive and focus on creating outstanding client experiences.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Event Planning Software?

The main benefit of using event planning software is maximising the number of registrations while reducing the manpower that would otherwise be required. Once you have created an event on Seatlab’s platform, you can simply press a button and let it do its thing, leaving you to focus on event promotion. This is especially handy when running multiple or regularly occurring events.

Great planning software solutions will help automate most processes. Event planning platforms such as Seatlab provide features including payment processing and registration tracking. You will also easily see everything going on, including registrations, payments, and more.

Event planning platforms will also save you time during communications sequences. Tailored emails thanking attendees for coming to an event or letting those who could not attend know that they were missed can be sent with a simple click of a button.

Another advantage to event planning software is the professionalism it lends to the entire management process. The experience will run more smoothly with nothing overlooked.

Event management software will include tools that improve the success of marketing campaigns through automation and analytics. It’s common knowledge that all marketing revolves around client engagement. Event planning platforms will provide you with the tools to help all participants at every stage of the event management process. It can also help you analyse your cumulative engagement tiers.

Highly targeted marketing is the most potent and effective form of recruiting and retaining clients. Excellent event planning software will allow you to design your event, branding and all associated marketing activity. You will create distinct guest and email lists and send out targeted email marketing based on specific parameters.

Overall, event planning software can serve as a hub, connecting all aspects of the event planning process. It can aid in keeping everything interconnected, from the event schedule to the attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

How to Choose the Best Event Planning Platform

The right event planning software can increase event attendance by 20%, overall productivity by almost 30%, and your margin of profit by 20% to 30%. Choosing the best event management platform can be an arduous process. However, you can start with addressing and prioritising the needs of your business and finding event management software that provides you with the necessary tools and features.

Use these handy tips to choose the right event planning platform:

  • Read peer reviews and case studies to add credibility to the software you’re contemplating purchasing for event management.
  • Look for programs with easily obtained or clearly defined pricing. The pricing should reflect the availability of relevant event planning features.
  • The best event planning software will have an easy-to-use user interface.
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Eight Reasons to Choose Seatlab’s Event Planning Platform

Reasons to use our top-notch event planning software include:

1. Adaptability and scalability

Seatlab’s event planning platform can handle large numbers of transactions at the same time. Whether you sell hundreds, thousands, or even a million tickets, our platform will function flawlessly. Seatlab has the skills and knowledge to integrate our event management system into any existing app or website. We can also help develop and design a website based on your unique specification and branding.

2. Cloud-based platform

Seatlab’s event management platform is entirely hosted in the cloud. This means that your business will not have to host any software, manage servers, or link multiple sales channels. It is as simple as connecting to Seatlab’s cloud. We work hard to maintain our system and keep it running smoothly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, allowing your company to focus on more critical event management tasks.

3. High-performance servers

Our cloud-based platform is powered by high-performance servers with numerous backups and lightning-fast caching. This magic medley ensures 99.99% uptime, allowing your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Seatlab has built-in traffic influx protection to ensure that you don’t get caught off guard when it counts the most. Our uptime guarantee gives you the confidence to know that you will not miss out on unexpected money-making opportunities.

4. Fully managed support and service

We have a team of in-house specialists who continually evaluate and monitor our event planning platform to ensure our software is optimised and performing as expected and specified. This is a critical service that guarantees the success of Seatlab’s system and is, of course, automatically included in our event planning platform.

5. Interactive reporting dashboard with real-time sales report 

Our interactive reporting dashboard provides an overview of total revenue, booking fee revenue, event-specific sales totals, customer demographics, and much more to you and your staff. This real-time sales data is vital for developing future targeted marketing campaigns.

Your data is presented in an easy-to-read format using graphs and charts, which allows for easy viewing of operational data. Your information can be emailed or exported directly to you automatically or on a pre-set timetable as determined by your company’s direction.

6. White-label ticketing software

Your company may have an existing website for your venue but still require a reliable, customisable ticketing system. Seatlab’s white-label solution is the answer. You can remove third-party ticket providers and sell event tickets directly from your own event platform with Seatlab, without third-party branding.

7. Safe and integrated payment processing

All client payments and personal details are transmitted over a secured connection. Seatlab’s event planning platform uses end-to-end data encryption to safeguard client information from corruption or attack at any point along the chain.

Stripe is our preferred payment processor and is already integrated into our event planning platform. If you currently utilise a different processor for payments and would like to continue with those services, simply let us know. We can easily integrate the majority of payment processors into your event management platform.

8. Accessible platform transition services

Switching to Seatlab’s systems is never an issue. We have made significant investments to ensure that your company and your clients have a smooth transition to our event planning platform with minimal stress. The transition to Seatlab’s platform will go off without a hitch for your clients, meaning no loss of revenue (or sanity) for you.

By choosing to use Seatlab’s event planning platform, you can avoid the pitfalls associated with other software systems, such as limited design options, high prices, and a lack of genuine support systems.

Final Thoughts: Why You Should Choose Seatlab’s Event Planning Platform

Events are an industry with strong growth, and event planning software is one of the driving forces behind the uptick in event numbers.

Seatlab’s event planning software will fulfil a host of event management functions from registration to marketing to data reporting, drive event success, save time and money, increase transaction security, and markedly reduce the stress associated with managing a successful event. Our event management platform is reliable, easy to use, easy to integrate, and comes with a fully dedicated customer support team.

Seatlab is a complete event planning software platform, not just a series of costly add-ons. Our modern event management platform does much more than just help you to better manage your events. It empowers you and your business to unleash the power of live events, drive the success of those events, and, in turn, drive your company’s success.

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