7 Advantages of White Label Ticketing Software

When faced with a business problem, the first instinct you have as an entrepreneur may be to attempt a do-it-yourself solution. After all, isn’t that the true nature of entrepreneurship? No, not always. Often, trying to fashion a customised solution from scratch to meet the exact specifications of your business can be a recipe for disaster.

Imagine, if you will, a perfect business world where there is no need to develop solutions to problems from scratch, devoting extensive amounts of money and endless time to solution development. Imagine having the ability to resell products produced by another with your business branding. Imagine having the ability to conserve your time and resources and avoid the trials and tribulations associated with creating a new solution or tool. There is no need to use your imagination. This business world is real.

Seatlab’s white label ticketing software enables vendors to use their own recognisable branding to ensure that customers see their logo and brand name across all content.

In this article, we will cover the pitfalls of going it on your own, the basics of white label ticketing software, the advantages of white label ticketing, and a few other things.

Pitfalls of Not Using White label Ticketing Software

Attempting to develop your own solution to a problem that your business is facing, such as ticket sales, can lead to:

  • Repeating mistakes previously made by those who came before you
  • Decreasing your time available to market your tickets as you attempt to reinvent the wheel and upskill beyond your core competencies
  • Spending excessive amounts of money trying to develop solutions and tools that are already in existence in other formats
  • Losing out on securing expertise and resources in the area where you need a solution the most

Issues such as these can be avoided if you simply opt to utilise a white label solution for ticket sales.

What Is White label Ticketing Software?

White label (also called private label) software allows you to provide your own branded services without the need for special technical skills and knowledge or capital to develop your own technology.

In the case of our white label ticketing software, it will appear to consumers that you own a ticketing system developed specifically for your business. Tickets will have your brand name and logo on them, though they are not issued directly by your company.

In essence, you can sell a store-bought product as if it were exclusively produced by your company. 

White labelling is not a new phenomenon.

For years, chain grocers have been selling store-branded products that are actually manufactured by the big box brand manufacturers. These house-branded products compete side by side with name-brand competitors. The only distinction between the two is sales price and packaging. Two separate brands of a product sitting next to one another on a shelf can, and frequently do, contain the exact same product.

Seatlab’s white label ticketing software allows your company to create branded event pages and produce and sell tickets without the hassle and headache of attempting to go it alone. When utilising this software, you can manage ticket sales, promote your own brand name, control all consumer data, and control access to venues and events.

Seven Advantages of White label Ticketing Software

There are many advantages to utilising our white label ticketing software for your entertainment (sports, performing arts, music, other live venues) business. They include:

1. Brand Recognition

Personalisation is the most essential aspect of white label ticketing. Naturally, you want to be able to promote your brand. With Seatlab’s white label ticketing software, personalisation options are not limited to simply printing your logo on a ticket. You will have the ability to increase your brand’s visibility by issuing direct ticket sales from your business, setting your own pricing, and advertising events in the way that best reflects the values and mission of your business.

2. Save Money And Time

Most companies simply do not possess an in-house professional workforce capable of developing a ticket sales platform from the ground up. You could spend a great deal of time and a significant amount of money creating your own platform to discover that it is still not ready to market to your customers even after many development cycles.

Simply put, why waste so much precious money and irreplaceable time when you can utilise a white label solution? Our white label ticketing software is like having your own software and platform creator at a sliver of the cost!

3. Control Pricing

Third-party ticket vendors rarely allow you to influence, much less control, the pricing of tickets. You are, to some extent, reliant on the price point of the external ticket vendor. This is not the situation with our white label ticketing software.

Yes, there is an associated purchase cost, but it is a known amount. Generally speaking, the cost is relatively inexpensive and one-time only. There may also be small monthly or yearly fees, but that’s the gist of it. There are no hidden fees or add-ons.

Seatlab’s white label ticketing software allows you to hold fast to the reins of controlling your costs from start to finish with, just to reiterate, minimal overhead costs.

4. Secondary Revenue Stream

Taking ownership of your product gives you greater power over the revenue streams of your business. White labelling allows you to cost-effectively and quickly add an additional product to your business.

Consider a venue owner utilising Seatlab’s white label ticketing system to market tickets for events at your venue. You have essentially erased the need to involve a third-party vendor to bring customers to your door. As a result, the value proposition of your venue improves, allowing you to collect consumer information for future marketing and collect booking fees from performers.

5. Easy Startup

Growing a business from the ground up can be a considerable challenge, especially if you are going it alone. There is simply too much to prepare. Sales, finance, marketing, customer service, management, logistics, human resources, purchasing, and technology — the list is endless.

What if you could simply start your business from sales and work your way up from there? A white label ticketing software system can allow you to do just that.

6. Customer Retention

Consumers have one goal in mind: to purchase event tickets. Seatlab’s white label ticketing software can help your customers reach their goals in a simple and transparent manner.

The time required to develop your own fully functional ticket sales platform may push clients to look elsewhere for entertainment. A loss of customers can be avoided by providing a ready-made solution to meet their needs right away.

7. All The Focus On Your Business

Frequently, the solutions that businesses seek to develop for themselves fall far outside the lines of the areas of their expertise. It isn’t advisable to thinly spread your resources to attempt something outside your core competencies (think back to the venue scenario).

Our white label ticketing software systems will allow your business goals to be achieved more quickly and efficiently. This prepackaged solution will allow you to put your trust and faith in expert developers in the ticket sales field and avoid making costly business mistakes that those who came before you have made.

Why You Should Choose Seatlab for Your White label Ticketing Software

Seatlab’s white label ticketing software was developed to offer an online ticketing system that provides users with a dependable solution for ticket sales. A few of the features that make our white label ticketing software stand out from the competition are:

  • Dependable cloud-based software: Seatlab’s platform is entirely cloud-based. Our system guarantees 99.99% server uptime by using numerous backups, traffic surge defence, and super-speedy caching.Because our software is entirely cloud-based, you will not need to host any software in-house. All technical aspects of our platform are handled on our end, freeing you to focus your energy and time to promote events and boost ticket sales.
  • Ticket management made easy: Our white label ticketing software supports numerous ticket types and allows for the easy monitoring of ticket sales and cancellations. Seatlab is not only a full-service e-ticket solution but also enables you to print branded paper tickets.
  • Trusted online ordering features: Seatlab’s white label ticketing software lets you provide your customers with secure payment transactions. All financial and personal information is transmitted via secure connections protected with end-to-end encryption software. Our primary payment processing system is Stripe, but we can incorporate alternate payment processing options if needed.
  • Seatlab is fully GDPR compliant. All private data is protected according to GDPR regulations and stored on encrypted servers. Your customers can rest assured that their financial and confidential information is safe from any cyber dangers.

Final Thoughts

White labelling does not imply that you should compromise the identity of your business. You still want to ensure that your brand makes a name for itself. To stand out and differentiate your brand from the crowd of digital marketers and ticket sellers, be sure to offer something distinctively your own.

Choosing to utilise Seatlab’s white label ticketing software does not mean that you should stop marketing your brand. Prove to your customers that you can provide them with something that no one else can.

It can be challenging to stand out from the sea of digital ticket sellers. Still, if done correctly, the investment you make in white label ticketing software can pay off handsomely for your company.Book a demo today to see what Seatlab can do for you.

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