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Fall In Love With Our Sports Ticket Management Software

Ok, so fall in love might be a little strong. But we can promise that when it comes to sports ticket management software as good as ours, there just aren’t many other fish in the sea. Our sports ticketing platform is the most cost-effective, the most customisable and the easiest to use out of everything currently on the market.

We developed it specifically with promoters and event organisers in mind.

Our software can be used to manage tickets for sports tournaments, leagues and more

There are many features an effective ticketing system must have.

Whether you run a single football stadium, a regular tennis tournament or a rugby league with games spread across multiple different stadiums, our ticket management software is up to the challenge. 

We understand the stresses and strains of organising sports events. And we also know that sometimes organisers are operating on tight margins. That’s why we focused on developing our ticketing platform to be easy to use and as cost-effective as possible, ensuring these two points of contention are dealt with.

In fact, it’s so cost-effective that it pays for itself. 

More on that later though…

Key features of our sports ticket management software

Our ticketing system is packed full of powerful features designed to make doing business as frictionless as possible. Below are just a few standout features. If you want to know more about any of them, feel free to book a demo or get in touch.

A cost-effective way of selling tickets

You are free to set your own booking fee which you’ll get to keep 100% of. By charging customers a booking fee (which they are most likely accustomed to anyway) you can increase your revenue exponentially.

The amount we collect per ticket is far below the industry standard and lower than all of our competitors.

Intuitive design

Both the frontend and backend design and layout of our ticket management software were developed in a way that was as easy to use as possible. While the functionality of the system is complex and powerful, its user interface was developed to be minimal and intuitive. 

Seatlab's homepage displaying featured events and event slideshow

Although we do provide training on how to use the system, we find that only minimal training is usually needed. Features like our interactive seat map help customers to navigate around a virtual representation of your stadium, searching out the best tickets for them.

Hassle-free game day access control 

On game day you can rest assured that there will be no bottlenecks when the crowds arrive. Each ticket will have its own unique QR code which, when scanned, will indicate to your operators whether it’s a valid ticket or not. The system will then update itself so that no single QR code can be scanned twice by different operators. 

It’s as simple as that.

Download the scanning app on any smart device and you can ensure that everyone is in their seats in time for the big game. 


Not only can the user interface be totally customised, but the functionality of the system can be too. 

For example, if you require a feature that isn’t currently available you can request it and we can develop it. Almost anything related to ticketing can be implemented thanks to the modular approach we took to developing the software.

No matter how big or small, we will discuss your individual needs during the initial consultation and accommodate them in the best way possible. 

Fully responsive and mobile ready 

Google is taking a mobile-first view these days. That means it looks at the mobile version of websites before the desktop version. The majority of searches now come from mobile devices anyway, so it makes sense.

screenshot of Seatlab event page on mobile
Mobile version (click to enlarge)

We followed in their footsteps by making sure our platform works flawlessly on mobile devices and is fully responsive straight out of the box. A positive mobile experience is essential to maximising sales. After all, everyone has their smartphones in their hands all of the time but they might not always be in front of a desktop or laptop computer when the urge to purchase hits. 


Our sports ticket management software is fully cloud-based so you can plug into the system and start taking advantage of its powerful features immediately. You don’t need to worry about hosting or maintenance, it’s all taken care of.  

We use high-performance servers with multiple backup servers in case of technical issues, 99.99% uptime, no disruptions, highly effective caching and traffic surge protection. 

All of this means you can rely on our system not to let you down. 

Infinitely scalable 

Whether you sell 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 tickets, the software is designed to handle it. As it’s cloud-based, all of our clients get access to the same high-powered system. We never throttle bandwidth because we simply don’t need to. 

We stay with you as your business grows. There’s no need for you to disrupt your organisation by transferring to a new ticketing platform because of traffic limitations. 

Can be integrated into an existing website 

We can integrate our system with an existing website or mobile app, or a new frontend site can be set up.

If you decide to keep your existing frontend, we’ll integrate the platform without disrupting the day-to-day running of your business. You’ll experience zero downtime.

If you would like us to set up a new website, it can be done either on your existing domain, a subdomain or a completely new domain. Whatever you choose, we will take care of it all for you. 

In-depth reporting dashboard

The final feature we are going to talk about is the reporting dashboard. It’s a place where you can get an overview of things like total sales, revenue, customer demographics, ticket availability and much more. 

Screenshot of Seatlab Dashboard

Not only does it present all of the data you need to know about, but it does it in a way that is easy to digest. Making use of graphs and colour coded charts means you can get an idea of how your operation is running at a glance. 

You will be in total control of the data you gather. Nobody else will have access to it. You can use it to formulate future marketing campaigns and identify areas that could be improved. Our platform is also completely GDPR compliant so the data you do collect will have been supplied with the explicit consent of your customers. 

Final words

Searching for the right sports ticket management software to suit your needs isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Finding a platform that has all of the features you need, as well as being cost-effective, can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

We understand promoters and event organisers. We have a background in organising events ourselves. So get in touch with the team today at to discuss what we can do for you.

We want to work with you to make sure the ticketing process runs smoothly so that you’re free to focus on more important things.

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