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The Best Way To Sell Tickets Online In 2021

Different Methods to Sell Tickets Online

Let’s get straight to the point – what is the best way to sell tickets online in 2021? Well, it’s Seatlab, obviously, though…we might not be totally impartial. That’s why we’ve written this blog, to run through a few things to think about when selling tickets online in 2021 and also why we genuinely believe we have the best platform to do so!

So we obviously aren’t the only way to sell live event tickets online, there are actually quite a few different ways to go about it. In the simplest terms, you need somewhere to display the tickets, a buyer and a payment processing method. In theory, that’s it, but not all online ticket sales platforms are made the same. On top of that, there’s a load of different ways to generate potential buyers and a lot of practical considerations to take into account when making sure tickets are secure and validated.

Reselling Websites

One way of selling tickets is to use a ticket reselling website. Reseller websites have become extremely popular in general, and as a result they benefit from having thousands of users ready to part with their cash in exchange for tickets.

However, it’s a crowded marketplace, with different events competing for attention and not all the customers browsing will be looking for your type of event. Other events have rules on tickets not being resold. In the UK, for example, reselling tickets for football matches is forbidden. 


Another approach is to use a standard product and shopping cart plugin for your website. Whilst these are great, they are often geared more towards physical products, and it can be hard to place tickets into preexisting product categories. 

Tickets are a really unique item to sell online. There’s a whole host of other aspects alongside the sale, like venue layout & capacity, additional merchandising or sales reporting to consider when selling tickets. This is why it can be hard to use an off-the-shelf solution.

Selling tickets online has many elements to it. That’s why, the best way to sell tickets online is often going to be a solution geared specifically towards selling tickets, like us (and a few others). But your customers have to get there, and that’s where we will begin our journey.

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There is an entire industry dedicated to figuring out how to get people to buy products. That’s because there’s so many different aspects to consider and various approaches to doing it.

There’s a key difference when marketing an event (ticket sales) instead of a physical product. With physical products, marketing sells a need, with a live event, marketing sells an experience. A physical product has a lifespan, but the memories from a live event can last for a lifetime. Without spending a fortune on a strategy, here are a few things you can be thinking about when it comes to the best way to sell tickets online in 2021.

Who are your customers?

So the first thing to consider before you start selling tickets is WHO your customers are going to be, by identifying your target demographic. This can be pretty easy if you have run a similar event before. Look at where the majority of your sales came from and target that group again! If you haven’t run a live event like this before, consider sneaking a peek at your competitors. If their event is successful then you should definitely be taking tips from them, including who their biggest customer group was.

In part, identifying your target audience will come down to the scope of your event: is it local, regional or global? Once you’ve identified this, you can consider where to advertise as well.

Seatlab features up to date reporting on the audience buying your tickets through our platform. This allows your marketing team to tailor their strategy as sales evolves.

With that, you can start to go after your customers with accuracy, and in the modern era, no marketing campaign to increase online ticket sales can take place without social media marketing, which means choosing the right hashtags. Hashtag research is an art form in itself, which is why there are many companies that specialise only in social media marketing. 

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A great way to generate interest in social media marketing is giveaways or promotional discounts. Seatlab’s ticketing platform also integrates vouchers, promotional codes and one of discounts, meaning you can continue discounting promotional tickets to generate interest throughout the build-up to your event.

If your potential customers still aren’t biting, then it’s time to make sure they can find you on the search engines. SEO can be difficult because search engines don’t tell you exactly how they rank sites. This isn’t just because it’ll make it too easy for marketers, but it’s also their most important trade secret!

Keywords can be competitive, therefore expensive to rank for. That’s why a targeted keyword campaign will often look to engage potential customers on terms they might be searching for, often people ask search engines questions. A great example of how this could tie into a live event is if your event is being hosted in a city, try seeing how many people search for “Live events in X” or “What are the best date night activities in Y?”. In doing this, you’re trying to answer the questions your target demographic might be asking.

When those potential audience members reach your website and landing page, it has to be fully responsive and up to date. If you don’t have a website yet, Seatlab can create a modern, responsive website around selling tickets online. If you already have a great site, Seatlab’s integration team makes sure our system is fully optimized on your site for fast loading and mobile responsiveness. Our iFrame technology means our platform can sit in most existing websites.

One thing is certain, though: you always want to make it super easy for your customers to purchase your product. Things like being able to sign in through social media make Seatlab a super-easy way to sell tickets online. This brings us back to the most important part of this blog: your ticket sales platform.

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Why Seatlab?

It’s our job to create the perfect ticketing platform for your event, so you can concentrate on everything else involved in making a great show. Our platform is able to support a diverse range of ticketed events whilst still allowing for plenty of customisable options to suit more bespoke events.

For example, Seatlab offers its clients the option of setting their own booking fees, which they themselves keep 100% of. We did this because we know how important it is to be able to allocate funds where they are needed, as the build-up to a live event unfolds. As a result of this feature, our clients make an average of 7% more revenue per ticket when compared with our rivals.

Venue, Security and User Experience

We also know it’s important to maximise venue capacity, whilst still balancing the user experience. Our platform allows clients to fully map out their venue. Customers browsing for tickets can then zoom in on the different areas of the venue and select their exact seat.

Our algorithm ensures that there aren’t too many empty seats left between booked parties either. As tickets are booked, our algorithm adjusts to show new customers seats which fit around the ones already booked ensuring there aren’t odd ones in between.

This is backed up by our “Best Available” feature, which shows users how a small upsell could improve their experience by showing the best seats available to them at the time of purchase.

These features mean customers are able to choose the ticket they are buying, down to the exact view their seat will provide (if applicable). As ticket sellers, you don’t have to worry about those awkward single seats that nobody ends up buying!

Seatlab’s ticketing platform provides each customer with their own unique barcode on the ticket, which when scanned, immediately logs as “used” in our cloud-based hosting. This aids in venue security and crowd safety.

Payments and Data

Seatlab has its own payment system integrated with the platform, but we are able to incorporate most major payment providers if you already have your own one of choice. Data is securely stored using the latest encryption methods.

As your customers checkout, Seatlab is able to handle additional purchases as add ons, like merchandising or food & drink inside the venue. Your audience wearing merchandising before or after an event is free marketing and is a great opportunity to promote your brand or event.

Wrapping Up

We have been trying to answer the question, what is the best way to sell tickets online? To do that, we’ve spoken about how to get customers to your site and generate interest in your event. 

We’ve also focused on the features of Seatlab as an online sales platform which we feel best aids your audience and you in balancing a safe and fun ticketed event.

But there are plenty more features of Seatlab which make us a great choice for selling tickets online. If you’d like to find out more about those features, just get in touch to talk to a Seatlab advisor, who will happily arrange a demonstration of what we can do for your event.

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