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Virtual Events – Adapt Your Events Company with PPV in 2020

Have you cancelled an event due to the coronavirus? Online virtual events provide an opportunity to get back to business.

If COVID-19 has halted your plans, continue to serve your customers, guests, or fans by taking your event online. With our platform, you can quickly sell tickets to your virtual event. From concerts to webinars, online pay-per-view (PPV) events may even help you reach more people than before.

Find out how to adapt your company during these challenging times by hosting PPV events and selling the tickets through our easy-to-use platform.

The Events Industry Is Suffering Due to Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe, governments started shutting everything down. Businesses have had to shut their doors or establish work-from-home policies. Many restaurants and shops in the service industry have had to cut back on their services or stop altogether. However, the events industry has taken the most significant blow

With governments restricting large gatherings, events everywhere have been cancelled. Even as restrictions start to ease, event planners and businesses that rely on public events remain uncertain about their futures.

As businesses start opening again, the events industry has been left behind. It is not logistically possible to implement some of the practices that companies need to follow. 

In many areas, businesses need to maintain social distancing, limit the number of guests, and even conduct immunity testing. These options are virtually impossible to implement for a large event with hundreds or thousands of attendees.

Music festival
It may be a while before we see this again.

Some events have been relocated to areas less affected by the virus. However, most events have been cancelled or postponed.

Events are often held at convention centres or outdoor venues. The restrictions on these public spaces keep events from going ahead as planned.

Luckily, many event planners and organisers have discovered the solution.

Virtual Events Have Become the New Normal

It may take months or years for things to return to normal. Until then, everyone must adapt to a new normal. For many people around the world, the new normal includes the use of technology to remain connected.

With lockdowns and restrictions in place, event organisers are starting to host their events virtually using online software and services like ours. They create pay-per-view (PPV) events and sell tickets through a third-party platform, such as ours: Seatlab.

Event managers have come up with a variety of ways to keep their shows going. You can use software to broadcast an event recorded from a single location or multiple locations. Depending on your needs, you may use remote software to broadcast video feeds of guests, presentations, or concerts. 

The concept is simple. 

You use a video camera to record the live event, whether you are recording from one location or multiple locations. You then stream the video feed through the software of your choice. 

No matter the type of event, you still need a way to sell tickets, which is what we provide. With the Seatlab ticketing platform, you receive a dashboard where you can sell and manage ticket sales that anyone can use, even with no previous technical experience.

Who Should Consider Using a Virtual Event Ticketing Platform?

Virtual events are useful for any business that needs a safe alternative to traditional venues. Some examples of typical PPV events are:

  • Webinars
  • Online concerts
  • Corporate events
  • Job fairs
  • Tradeshows
  • Esports

Virtual events are not a new concept. At Seatlab, we have been providing dependable PPV ticketing services for many years. However, the coronavirus has changed the events industry.

If you are an events manager or your business holds public events, PPV events may be the only way to prevent cancellation. Some areas are starting to ease restrictions related to the coronavirus. Still, large public gatherings are likely to remain off the table for the foreseeable future. 

Benefits of Hosting Your Event Virtually

The main advantage of virtual events is that you may not need to cancel or postpone your event. You may need to make some adjustments to the programme or event schedule, but you can still hold your event. Along with providing a safe alternative to public venues, virtual events offer a variety of advantages which we will talk about below.

Reach More People with PPV Events

Real-world events have limited reach. Most of your guests likely live within a comfortable driving distance of the venue. Hosting your event online helps you reach more people, as you are not confined to a geographical location. 

Music event
Could this become the new normal way of attending concerts?

Capacity is another limitation of hosting a physical event. Even before the coronavirus, venues could not exceed specific capacities for attendance. During this pandemic, open sites may have restrictions on the number of attendees. 

You do not need to deal with geographical or capacity limitations with an online event. Capacity is only limited by the service you use for streaming your event.

Connect with a Global Audience

Without geographical limitations, you can reach a global audience. You can market your event to people in all corners of the world, including people that may not usually show an interest in your specific event.

With millions of people being forced to stay at home, the internet is receiving a lot more traffic than normal. People are looking for new things to do and ways to stay entertained, which allows you to increase your exposure. 

Make Your Events More Accessible

Hosting an event online can make your event more convenient for people. By saving money on expenses, such as renting a venue, you can charge less for admission to your event. People can also access your event without leaving their homes.

With more economical ticketing prices and accessible PPV platforms, anyone can attend virtual events. You may even find that you sell more tickets compared to your real-world events.

Build Your Brand with PPV Virtual Events

PPV ticketing offers the perfect solution for building your brand. With a global reach, you have the chance to showcase your business, product, or service to a much larger audience.

Instead of shutting down your operations, you can use the pandemic as an opportunity to revise your business strategies. Use PPV events to promote your brand to customers in any city or country.

Virtual Events Save Time and Money

Hosting a virtual event costs less and takes less time to prepare compared to a real-world event. You drastically reduce your overheads. 

You may also need to purchase things like video and sound equipment; however, these costs are negligible compared to running a physical event. 

How Do PPV Ticket Sales Work?

The Seatlab ticketing platform offers the most streamlined option for managing ticket sales for PPV events. Our system is suitable for use with any hosting service or software. Whether you stream using your own platform or a third-party one, you can use Seatlab as your PPV ticket provider.

When a customer purchases a ticket for an upcoming event through our platform, they receive a unique link or unique login details which grants them access to the virtual event. Additional features include:

  • Manage unlimited events
  • Stream your event from anywhere
  • Accept major currencies
  • Send automated emails
  • Access analytics for your events
  • Secure payment processing

We make it easy for you to set up ticket sales for your PPV event. You get access to everything needed to start selling tickets. You simply pay a commission on each ticket sold. Get started with Seatlab today to avoid postponing or cancelling your next event.

If you want a reliable PPV virtual events ticketing provider, request a demo to see what our platform can do for you.

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