Best Ticket Selling Sites in the UK

Selling tickets online is the most effective way to fill seats in the UK. You can reach a larger audience and give customers a more accessible option for buying tickets. However, choosing the right platform can sometimes prove to be a bit of a headache.

With dozens of companies offering the ability to sell tickets, it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to select the best option. To save you time, here are five of the best ticket selling sites in the UK.

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Now, obviously, we’re biased, but… Seatlab stands out for offering an affordable yet powerful event ticketing platform that boasts a wide range of features. The company was founded in 2016, making us a young and nimble startup. Despite being a relative newcomer, Seatlab has quickly become the preferred choice for those who want a cost-effective ticketing solution.

We only take a small commission for each ticket sold. With service charges starting at 1.8% depending on the package you choose, Seatlab has options to suit any budget. Seatlab allows you to sell tickets for both physical or online events.

After creating an account, you can quickly set up an event through the user dashboard, which is where you’ll also find detailed analytics of past, present and future events. You retain access to all data from the dashboard forever, helping you to improve your marketing efforts for future events.

Along with an easy-to-use, affordable ticketing platform, Seatlab comes with many extra features. The platform accepts multiple currencies with secure payment processing; you can also add seat mapping and use a mobile app to streamline check-in.


  • Affordable packages
  • Unlimited events
  • Automated emails
  • Access to a check-in app
  • Bespoke development of any new feature your business may need 


  • Being a nimble tech startup means we have the flexibility to adapt faster than our competitors. Still, it also means we’re the new kids on the block.
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Eventbrite is based in San Francisco and is available across the globe. Many UK organisers rely on Eventbrite due to the company’s integrations with other sites and apps. You can natively integrate websites and apps to promote upcoming events and sell tickets directly from your site.

The website can be a little confusing to explore. However, Eventbrite includes many valuable features, including customisable event pages and event creation tools. You can sell tickets to virtual or in-person events.

Eventbrite also provides users with various marketing tools, including custom email templates and social media advertising campaign management. After you start selling tickets, you can track sales and other metrics.

Unfortunately, Eventbrite is not the cheapest option. The company charges 6.5% per ticket for its “Professional” package, along with additional fees.


  • Ability to sell tickets on your site
  • Access to marketing tools
  • Customisable event pages


  • Higher fees for some packages
WeGotTickets logo


WeGotTickets is one of the oldest ticketing systems. The company launched in 2000 and allowed you to start selling tickets quickly. After creating an event, you can instantly share the event’s details on any social media platform. The event pages are also optimised for viewing on mobile devices. Users can also promote their events through marketing campaigns on the WeGotTickets affiliate network.

One drawback to using WeGotTickets is the interface. The website appears outdated and still uses third-party advertising to generate extra income. The site also costs more compared to some of your other options, such as Seatlab. WeGotTickets does not charge you to create an account or set up an event. However, the company charges at least 10% for each ticket sale.


  • Setting up an event only takes a few minutes
  • You have access to marketing campaigns on an extensive affiliate network


  • The fees are relatively high
  • The interface appears outdated
Ticket source logo


TicketSource was founded in 2004 by a group that previously managed an insurance comparison site. The company is known for offering reliable customer support and access to a diverse range of features. You can add seat mapping, multiple ticket formats, and merchandise.

Users can create an account and start setting up an event within minutes. However, navigating the menu and features can be confusing for first-time users. The variety of options are complex, requiring most users to read the company’s tutorials and support pages.

Along with managing ticket sales, the website includes promoting events, printing tickets, scanning tickets, and viewing event analytics. TicketSource has a steep learning curve, but the prices are relatively affordable. The company charges a low commission for most types of events.


  • Access to a long list of features
  • Ability to handle events of any size
  • Reliable customer support


  • Confusing interface
Universe logo


Universe was founded in 2011 and bought by Live Nation Entertainment in 2015. The company serves customers throughout most of the world, including the UK.

At first glance, Universe appears to charge some of the lowest ticketing fees in the industry, with a 2% fee on most tickets. However, the company also charges an extra flat fee per ticket and a credit card processing fee. The additional costs can add up.

Despite a higher price, Universe still offers a quality ticketing solution. The website has a simple interface and a complete range of features for handling ticket sales and event listings. The event pages are customisable and easy to set up. However, Universe lacks some of the features offered by other companies, such as seat mapping.


  • Simple interface
  • Customisable event pages
  • Discount codes


  • Additional fees
  • Lack of extra features
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How To Choose The Best Ticket Selling Site For You

Now that you have a few recommendations, how do you choose the best ticket selling site for you and your business? Here are some of the main features to consider:

  • Commission and fees
  • Customisation
  • Availability in different regions
  • Physical and online events
  • Access to analytics
  • Special features

Some options may be more important to you than others. Here is a closer look at how they compare.

Commission and Fees

All ticket selling sites charge fees. However, some sites charge more than others, which cuts into your profits. Most platforms do not charge you to create an account, but instead they make money by charging a commission for each ticket sold.

Seatlab is currently one of the most affordable options, with commissions starting at just 1.8%. By choosing a more affordable ticketing platform, you increase your potential income for each event.

Seatlab is also one of the few options to offer custom booking fees. You can set separate booking fees for each event you create, no matter how many different events you run. You keep 100% of the booking fees, allowing you to generate more revenue from different types of events.


Ticketing platforms typically allow you to create unique event pages where customers can purchase tickets to upcoming events. Choosing a platform with greater customisation options makes it easier to match the look and feel of the event page with your existing brand.

For example, Seatlab offers a 100% customisable event page. You can add branding to ensure that it matches your company identity.

Availability in Different Regions

Each of the recommended sites serves customers in the UK. However, you may also want to expand your reach and sell tickets to virtual events worldwide. Targeting customers in other regions is difficult with some sites.

Eventbrite, Seatlab, and Universe are available worldwide, allowing you to reach a much wider audience.

Physical and Online Events

Most online ticket selling sites allow you to sell tickets to physical events, but not all options will enable you to sell tickets to virtual events.

Virtual event ticketing differs from physical events. The link attendees receive for virtual events must be unique and non-transferable; otherwise, there would be nothing stopping them from sharing it with others.

Access to Analytics

Analytics help you analyse the success of each event. You can monitor ticket sales by region and other details to find ways and improve your marketing efforts. If you decide to use Seatlab, you retain ownership of the data.

Special Features

The best ticket selling sites also provide access to various special features that enhance the platform’s functionality. Examples of special features include:

Seat mapping is available from most of the sites recommended above, including Eventbrite and Seatlab. However, many sites charge extra for these features.

Seatlab gives you the best value by including many extra features, including seat mapping and access to a mobile check-in app. Users can print physical tickets or show digital ones with QR codes that your staff can scan during check-in to help seat guests faster.

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