Grow Your Business with White-Label Online Ticketing Services: 11 Features You Can’t Ignore

In a world inundated with companies constantly vying for customer loyalty, branding will set you apart from the rest. The power of a strong, recognisable brand can make or break your business. Think of how a basic apple, a simple swoosh, or a brightly coloured ‘G’ have captured millions of consumers. Seatlabs White-Label online ticketing services can provide you with the tools to do this.

You may already have a fantastic brand, but do you have a fabulous product to match? As a ticketing company, you might be tempted to develop your own online ticketing service platform from the ground up. Research and development take ample time and quite a bit of money, limiting your ability to devote necessary resources to reach your target market.

What’s the solution? A ready-made white label ticketing system, such as Seatlab’s, that seamlessly integrates into your website while remaining consistent with your company’s mission, vision, and brand.

How White-Label Ticketing Helps Your Business

Few event companies are utilising white-label ticketing. Adding Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software is a step forward in event production and management. It will immediately allow your business to stand out from the crowd.

By utilising Seatlab’s software to create your own personalised online ticketing service, your business will be able to provide more value with additional in-house service. By removing third-party ticket sales platforms, your business will be able to generate more revenue without ever charging your existing customers a single penny more!

Your logo and branding will be seen in every aspect of the event, from the tickets received by event attendees to the logo displayed on the event webpage to the domain from which tickets are sent, and more!

Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software will allow you to grow your business by adding new revenue streams, increasing new client numbers, allowing greater data access, and more without substantially increasing your company’s overhead.

The Perks of Using White-Label Ticketing Software

The ability to sell tickets directly through your website via an online ticketing service ensures that your clients will have a seamless, streamlined purchasing experience through YOUR company. By utilising our white-label ticketing software, you are effectively removing third-party ticket providers, reducing your overall costs, increasing your profits, and keeping customers focused on your brand.

Embedding Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software on your company’s website allows you to save money and time creating a brand-new online ticketing service from the ground up and frees you up to focus your resources on other aspects of your events.

How White-Label Ticketing Software Will Increase Your Revenue Without Drastic Cost Increases

Working with a partner that is already an established player in the game is the most effective way to maximise your return on investment with minimal time and effort. The sheer financial burden of building your own online ticketing service could run in the millions when you include the costs of feature updates, annual maintenance, and other necessary additions.

It would take years for your business to even come close to breaking even at that rate. Your efforts would be better served to be directed at the acquisition of new customers, as well as marketing your new online ticketing service to your existing clients.

Securing a partner such as Seatlab, that has a low barrier to entry and handles all the technical aspects of your online ticketing service, can put your business on the track to great returns after just a few events.

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Features of Seatlab That Will Grow Your Business

The priorities of Seatlab include providing our clients with the best solution for their business, and our white-label ticketing software does just that! Every aspect of our online ticketing service has been designed to improve your clients’ experience, increase sales, and, in turn, grow your return.

Our top features include:

1. Multiple Ticket Type Support

Our software allows your customers to quickly purchase various tickets by enabling venues to apply pricing based on premium seating. Venues can sell group tickets, VIP packages, or single or multi-day passes, all via our online ticketing service. Customers can easily purchase various ticket options simply.

2. Seat Mapping, Reservations, and “Best Available” Feature

Our platform allows your clients to quickly locate specific seats by utilising our user-friendly interactive seat mapping and “seat picker” tool. With Seatlab’s system, your customers can choose the best seat in the house from their settee.

With the click of a button, your prospective clients can easily and quickly locate the “best available” seating for an event. Your revenues will increase when customers see prime seats and associated pricing quickly. Did we mention that Seatlab is one of the only white-label ticketing software developers to offer this option?

3. Seating Algorithm

Seatlab’s online ticketing service utilises an industry-leading algorithm to optimise maximum profitability for any venue of any size. Our “smart seating” ensures that no single empty seats remain between bookings. Via our platform, you can modify the algorithm to meet any COVID requirements for your venue. Remember, safety is the utmost top priority!

4. Proper E-Ticketing Solution

When clients buy tickets, an automatic email confirmation will be sent with an attached e-ticket. E-tickets can be manually resent as needed with a simple click of a button.

Each ticket can be uniquely imprinted with your logo, a brand distinct to the event, or the logo of a promoter.

5. Promotion Codes

Seatlab’s platform allows you to authorise customers to utilise specific coupon codes during checkout for discounts or special offers. Our online ticketing services will enable your company to promote unique codes for selected events. Codes can be set for specific fixed monetary deals or percentage discounts. You will also control how the discount codes can be applied.

6. Hard-Copy Ticket Solution

Physical printed tickets are an alternative to popular e-tickets. Our software can send you printed ticket templates embedded with secure QR codes. Specific templates allow for tickets to be printed with customer information and unique QR codes. Our ticket templates are print-ready and compatible with industry-leading printing machines. Or, if you prefer, Seatlab can provide you with the support and equipment to print tickets on site.

7. Customisable Booking Fees

Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software allows you to tailor the booking fees for each event. Your business keeps 100% of all booking fees you decide to charge. You can increase profits by customising booking fees that fit the needs of your venue, staffing, and overhead costs.

8. Completely Customisable Platform

Our white-label ticketing software allows you to fully customise your website’s online ticketing service to best benefit your business, from seat pricing to ticket types to logos and branding to merchandise sales to booking fees and much, much more.

Seatlab is the behind-the-scenes developer and plays no active role in your company. We provide a fully interactive platform that YOU control and tailor to meet your business’s specific needs.

9. Social Media Sign-in and Client Account Creation

Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software makes your online ticket service simple and easy to use. Your clients can create an online account with an email address, or you can simplify the process with a quick link sign-in via Twitter or Facebook.

Account creation allows clients to quickly return to purchase tickets for future events with ease. By giving your customers a convenient ticket purchasing experience, you have the opportunity to forge bonds of loyalty on the shoulders of a simple, flexible, powerful means to purchase tickets.

10. Security Features

Securely handling your customers’ private information and financial data is necessary for any business. Your clients can rest assured that their personal data and payment information are securely, correctly, and completely GDPR-compliant.

Seatlab stores all data on encrypted servers that meet the stringent security specifications set by the UK General Data Protection Regulation. The security you will promise to your customers will show precisely how seriously your company takes its responsibilities.

11. Cloud-Based System

Seatlab’s fully cloud-based platform is powered by high-performance data centres with numerous backups and lightning-fast caching. This super-charged combination ensures 99.99% system availability, which allows your business to run seamlessly.

Seatlab has built-in traffic surge protections to ensure that your online ticketing service isn’t caught off guard when it matters the most. Our fully cloud-based platform means that your company won’t have to host any software, manage complicated servers, or align multiple sales channels. Utilising Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software is as simple as connecting to our cloud. We work tirelessly to maintain our system so that you do not have to.

Final Thoughts: How Seatlab’s Features Can Help You Grow Your Business

Very few online ticketing services are willing to give up their own brand, cover data hosting and maintenance, and still provide you and your business with round-the-clock support. White-label ticketing service providers often take your initial investment, charge outrageous maintenance fees, and leave you wanting.

Seatlab is not one of those providers. We see your choice to utilise our white-label ticketing software as a partnership, and we are willing to actively play a silent role in the process of building your business’s online ticketing service. We provide top-notch support for you and your clients, along with a plethora of features that will allow you to grow as big as you dream!

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