How Our Festival Ticketing Platform is Paving the Way Post-COVID

Selling tickets to festivals and public events is a lot trickier these days thanks to COVID. Luckily, our festival ticketing platform gives you the features needed to navigate the post-COVID rules and regulations.

The COVID pandemic has changed the way virtually all business sectors operate, including the events industry. After close to a year of complete closure, venues are now starting to hold live events again. Yet, COVID has not entirely gone away and may remain a threat indefinitely.

Our festival ticketing platform includes a wide variety of features that can help you sell tickets post COVID. Here is a closer look at how we can help you.

Streamlined Online Interface for You and Your Customers

Our online festival ticketing platform limits human interaction. Customers do not need to visit a physical ticket office or buy tickets at the gate on the date of the event. You can also easily manage everything remotely.

Many ticketing solutions allow you to manage and sell tickets online. Yet, Seatlab stands out for providing features that make it easier to plan a safe event. Our platform simplifies the process of complying with COVID regulations and protocols, so you can focus on selling more tickets.

Some of the features that help you prepare for a post-COVID world include:

Keep reading to learn how to use these features to manage everything online, from arranging the seating for social distancing to selling tickets in a safer manner.

Interactive Seat Mapping Gives Customers More Control

Providing people with a visual representation of the seating layout of your festival may put them at ease. They can easily view the location of the seats, stage, amenities, and exits, allowing them to choose a spot that suits their comfort level.

Public venues in the UK are finally free of COVID restrictions. Yet, each member of the public has their own risk tolerance. Some people may want to sit in an area that is likely to be less packed. Our interactive seat mapping feature includes a sleek design with a seat picker tool. Customers can zoom into selected blocks or areas to choose their exact seats based on their preferences.

Smart Seating Simplifies Social Distancing Requirements

Our innovative smart seating feature was designed to help you fill more seats. It includes an algorithm for optimising seating for maximum profits. However, our algorithm can also be used to comply with COVID restrictions.

For example, you can let our system ensure that all available seats are at a safe distance from one another. Instead of spending hours adjusting your seating layout, our system handles the calculations. 

Currently, you do not need to keep seats spaced apart for social distancing. However, offering a socially distanced atmosphere showcases your commitment to holding a safe event. You are also better prepared to deal with any future COVID restrictions. As the threat of COVID has not entirely disappeared, you need to be ready to adapt to any changes.

Convenient E-Ticket and Printable Ticket Options

We give you the flexibility to offer e-tickets, printable tickets, or both. With e-tickets, customers receive an email confirmation immediately after purchasing tickets to your festival. With printed tickets, customers can print their tickets.

Both options allow you to include secure QR codes. Any member of your team that is logged into our platform can check-in guests by scanning the QR code on their tickets. QR scanning keeps people moving through the entrance quickly, which makes it easier to maintain safe distancing.

Transmission of COVID is often less of a concern in outdoor spaces. However, a crowd of people waiting to get through the front gates may increase the risk of spreading the disease. Using QR codes minimises congestion and allows guests to reach the festivities faster, resulting in a better customer experience.

Sell More Tickets with Our Festival Ticketing System

Along with helping you implement COVID precautions and plan safer events, our ticketing system comes with a variety of features. You can use Seatlab to maximise your profits and fill more seats, thanks to the following advantages:

  • Voucher codes and promotions
  • Multiple ticket types
  • Best available seats feature
  • Basket feature
  • Session timeout management

You can create voucher codes and run special promotions for any event. Using coupons may help you take advantage of the increased demand for festivals and public events.

After nearly a year of closures, people are ready to start attending events, especially outdoor events. Offering coupons to new customers may boost awareness of your festivals. For example, you can run a special promotion for new customers through your social media channels.

Your sales leads will discover a streamlined interface for creating a new account and purchasing tickets. We have a straightforward sign-up process that includes social sign-ins via Twitter or Facebook.

We also support multiple ticket types, including single-day and multi-day tickets. You may also offer VIP passes and other options to tailor your festival experience for a variety of price points. Offering multiple ticket types helps you reach a wider audience, as you can provide options to suit any budget.

With our “best available” function, you can also ensure that your customers receive the best value. Customers can enter the amount that they can afford to spend and quickly find the best seats for their budget.

You can sell more than just tickets with Seatlab. Our basket feature allows you to sell merchandise, hospitality tickets, venue tours, and more. Our robust checkout system can handle thousands of ecommerce transactions. If you plan on upselling merchandise, you will also benefit from our session timeout management features.

You can give customers more time to complete the checkout process by automatically reserving their seats for a set amount of time. When time runs out, the seats become available. This stops people from reserving seats that they do not plan on buying and allows customers to reserve seats without feeling rushed.

seatlab software on Mac with blue crowd background

In-Depth Reporting and Ticket Order Management

Increasing attendance at your festivals requires you to review past events. With Seatlab, you can easily view all types of sales data. The reporting dashboard automatically collects and displays the most important metrics, including total revenue, booking fee revenue, customer demographics, and sales for each venue or event.

Our system also allows you to handle all orders through a single platform. You can deal with cancelled orders and stock management from your account dashboard. The simplicity of our ticket order management features should help lighten the burden on your customer service team.

We also use unique product identifiers. Each ticket receives a unique identifier, allowing customers and your team to quickly look up individual tickets. You can track orders and virtually eliminate the risk of ticket fraud. All transactions are secure. We use Stripe as our payment processor. However, we can integrate almost any payment processor. Just let us know.

A Scalable Festival Ticketing Platform That Keeps up with Your Business Growth

On top of the advantages discussed, Seatlab provides a scalable solution. You can continue to rely on our platform as your business grows and attracts more attendees. Whether you sell a few hundred tickets or tens of thousands of tickets, our system can support your needs.

Our infrastructure is reliable and secure, no matter the size of your operations. We use high-performance, cloud-based servers with multiple backups and fast caching. We can guarantee 99.99% server uptime. You can depend on us to keep your business online 24/7/365 instead of worrying about a crash keeping customers from buying tickets.

Our entire platform is based in the cloud, which eliminates the need for you to host any software or run servers. This streamlines the process of integrating our system with your existing marketing channels and websites. You can even use an iframe to instantly add a sales page to an existing website.

We also make it easy to transition to our system. Our platform transition service minimises any disruption to your normal operations, resulting in a smooth switch from your existing sales platform to the Seatlab system.

Start Selling Tickets to Your Next Festival with Seatlab

The bottom line is that COVID is still a concern for many in the UK and the rest of the world. You can now hold festivals and sell tickets to in-person events. However, you also need to take precautions, which is why you should take the time to choose the best online ticketing system.

Seatlab’s festival ticketing system includes useful options for dealing with COVID precautions and regulations. You can use interactive seat mapping to let customers pick seats that match their comfort levels. With smart seating, you let our algorithm ensure that your seats are socially distanced.

We also provide both e-ticket and printed ticket options. To minimise close physical interaction, we also recommend taking advantage of our QR scanning features. You can let members of your team scan QR codes on tickets, which helps you get people into the festival quickly instead of crowding around the entrance.

If you want to simplify the way that you sell festival tickets online, signup with Seatlab. Contact us for more information or to arrange a demo.

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