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How We Generate More Sport Stadium Ticketing Revenue For Our Clients

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on industries around the world, and sport is no different. 

With professional sports leagues suspended for months on end, stadium capacities reduced, sports clubs on pause, and even the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games postponed for a year at a cost of $4 billion, the impact on sport around the world is huge.

With professional cricket losses at more than £100 million and English Football League teams short more than £200 million by the end of 2020 alone, the full financial implications are still to be seen.

Thankfully the vaccination programme is allowing professional sporting events to re-open to increasing numbers of fans in the United Kingdom. The UEFA Euro 2020 semi-final saw 60,000 fans attending, with Wembley stadium at 75% capacity and holding more fans than any UK sporting event in the last 15 months.

Strict measures are in place to ensure matches can be carried out safely, with fans asked to stay at home if they’re displaying any COVID symptoms, and to carry out lateral flow tests before attending. 

Social distancing measures have previously reduced capacity and therefore ticket sales, however as of July 19th the government has ended social distancing rules and allowed stadiums to operate at full capacity.

This is great news for stadium operators, who have been hit hard by a lack of sporting events and reduced capacity at matches over the last several months. It’s more essential than ever for sports stadiums to maximise profits at every game, in order to make up for 18 months of poor revenue.

The most important source of income is through ticket sales; a process that can be multi-faceted and time consuming.

However, Seatlab can help streamline your sport stadium ticketing process, increase your income, and help start the recovery from this difficult time.

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Seatlab’s sport stadium ticketing software

Our software is a high-functioning system that helps make match day as hassle-free as possible. Our anti-fraud technology ensures only genuine tickets allow entry, and no ticket can ever be used for multiple fans.

Find out more about the features our platform has to offer and how it can boost your revenue.

Low booking fees

Many ticketing companies charge a high percentage of each ticket sold as a commission. When thousands of tickets are being purchased per match, these fees can quickly add up over the course of a season. 

We charge some of the lowest booking fees in the sport stadium ticketing industry.

Seat mapping

For fans visiting a new stadium, it can be hard to get an idea of the different stands and seating layout before booking.

Our integrated ticketing solution can provide an interactive plan of any stadium, including seat maps with additional information and variable pricing.

Ticket format options

Our tickets are available in the format most suited to your organisation, or even multiple different formats at once. 

Whether you’re looking to provide paper tickets, eTickets downloaded from a portal or email, electronic wristbands, or season tickets, we can help.

Ticket sales locations

Target your customers from all angles with online ticketing and box office ticket sales. 

Our software allows real time sales tracking of virtual and in-person sales all in one place. 

You’ll never oversell thanks to our automated sold out notifications, and can access live sales information constantly.

All-in-one platform

Our system is one integrated solution for all your ticketing and match day management needs. Control sales, ticket issuing, match access control, marketing, and customer relations all from one platform.

Seatlab’s platform can be easily installed onto your website whilst it’s still live, reducing the impact on your organisation. Our technology support team is always on hand should any issues arise.

Real-time information

The Seatlab sport stadium ticketing dashboard allows up to date sales information to be accessed easily. It also includes customer data on fan demographics, buying habits, and more. This can be useful for future email marketing campaigns and targeting season ticket promotion.

Run your event with ease thanks to our live tracking systems. Our platform provides visual representation of match attendance, speed of admission at each entry location, capacity by area of the stadium, and data on failed entry attempts.

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Why choose Seatlab for sport stadium ticketing?

Our sport stadium ticketing software not only provides a great experience for you and your customers, but helps boost the profit you make per ticket. 

But what makes us stand out from the crowd?

  1. Custom booking fees

We offer fully customisable booking fee options. This means you can choose the booking cost per ticket, and change it to meet your requirements.

For instance, you can set more costly booking prices for expensive seat options, or increase booking fees for certain events.

The extra profits made by charging your clients a booking fee on top of the ticket price go back directly to you and improve your profit margins.

  1. Interactive seat map

Give your visitors a visual representation of your stadium using our interactive seat mapping tool. 

This feature allows fans to explore seating options in every stand, zoom in at the click of a button and pick the exact seat they are looking for.

Our unique “best available” function makes it even easier for visitors to choose a seat, by providing them with information on seats available with the best view of the game. This option helps encourage increased spending, as customers can see what they get if they’re willing to spend a bit more. 

The “best available” function is unique to Seatlab and not available on other platforms like Flowte and ThunderTix.

Our “smart seating” algorithm helps maximise your profits by ensuring no empty seat is left unbooked and automatically encourages bookings that maximise your venue’s space.

  1. Customisable features

Our software is custom developed, which means we provide different options and packages depending on your needs.

With three different packages, we aim to strike a balance between cost and functionality. Our “essential” option offers a basic package of useful features without the more complicated extras included in our “growth” and “pro” options.

We also offer a unique “enterprise” option which includes the development of bespoke features that aren’t routinely included. This gives you the option to include everything you’re looking for in your sport stadium ticketing software, without any features you feel are unnecessary.

Our development team is on hand to help you every step of the way, and each enterprise client has a designated management team to ensure things run smoothly.

These are just some of the ways Seatlab can help generate more income from your sporting event. Continue reading to hear about more of the useful features we have on offer.

Some of the areas where we excel

  • User Interface
  • Ticketing
  • Reporting and Management
  • Hosting and Security
  • Help and Support

User Interface

We have designed our software with the customer in mind; both you, our client, and your customers. It has undergone many rounds of testing to make sure it’s easy and enjoyable to use. User experience (UX) was at the forefront of our minds during development, as we believe this is what makes a platform a success.

As well as our unique interactive seat mapping and “best available seat” functions, we offer multiple ticket type selection. This allows customers to choose multiple ticket types for one seat, with the option to include upgrades and group tickets.

We offer a basket feature, to help customers view their ticket purchases – and any additional extras – all in one place before completing the transaction. This makes adding additional seats, editing the ticket type, and changing the location much easier. Our basket system is powerful and able to handle thousands of transactions at once.

Our account creation feature allows fans to make their own unique profile on our platform, letting them view their ticket purchases and history. With options to store their payment and contact details, it helps make the purchase process easier for the customer. We are compatible with social sign in, allowing customers to sign in and purchase tickets via their social media to speed up the account creation process. 

Our platform is designed to be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring excellent usability at all times. 


Ticket purchase and distribution is the most important aspect of our platform. We focus on providing tickets in a variety of formats.

Our eTickets can be issued via email, including the option to re-issue if there are problems with delivery, or can be issued via customer accounts. We also offer printed tickets that are sent directly to the customer; we offer support on the printing process and sourcing equipment as needed.

All tickets have the option to be issued with QR codes that can be scanned to facilitate easy entry to the match, whilst limiting the possibility for ticket duplication and fraud. Your database is automatically updated as the codes are scanned, allowing you to track crowd arrival.

We provide ticket templates that are ready to print or send, but tickets are fully customisable for each event and different promoters.

Our ticketing software allows the use of discount codes and vouchers at the checkout to help promote games that aren’t selling well, and reward loyal fans. You can set their run time, allocate percentage or numerical discounts, and decide if the codes can be used in combination or not.

Reporting and management

Our reporting dashboard lets you track sales and customer data whilst displaying it in an easily accessible format. This can help with future marketing campaigns and sales tactics.

Ticket number management, cancellations and information editing can all be dealt with automatically by our platform, reducing the need for customer services input. 

We even offer options to create individual sales accounts for different promoters. This is useful when determining virtual vs. ticket office sales, or when assessing the effectiveness of third-party promoters you use.

Hosting and security

Our software is entirely cloud-based, meaning you have no need to run servers or host anything, and we take care of system maintenance. Our high-performance servers with multiple backups ensure your platform remains up and running even during traffic surges.

Our session timeout feature reserves tickets to allow customers to complete their check-out process, but releases the ticket back on sale if the transaction isn’t completed within a set amount of time. This stops fans from reserving seats indefinitely.

We take customer security seriously. All your customer information is stored safely and securely on encrypted servers in a GDPR-compliant manner. Our payment system has end-to-end encryption and uses the well known “Stripe” payment system, however we can take into account any pre-existing payment processors you use. 

Help and support

Our in-house team is constantly monitoring our platform to ensure it runs smoothly, and deal with any issues you have. We offer additional support with transitioning to our software to reduce the impact switching over has on your business.

Ready to join Seatlab’s sport stadium ticketing platform?

Seatlab offers a huge number of features to help improve stadium ticket management, many of which are uniquely ours. If you’d like to book a demo of our software, or hear more about our different packages including the bespoke ”enterprise” option, contact us today.

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