Stadium Ticketing System

A Ridiculously Effective and Simple All-in-One Stadium Ticketing System

Ticketing systems for stadiums need to be robust and be able to scale. Selling tickets to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of people in a short period of time will put stress and strain on any system. 

It’s being able to handle that stress and strain that’s important.

People are understandably excited to see their favourite sports team play and making sure they can as effortlessly as possible is our goal. 

That’s why we’ve developed an all-in-one stadium ticketing system that you can rely on to take care of the entire process. From selling tickets online right through to game day admission, our system does it all. 

We’re a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who used our skills to set up a successful digital marketing agency. Working with various high profile clients in the entertainment industry over the last few years helped us to spot a gap in the market. 

That gap is an event ticketing system that is priced fairly for medium to large businesses.

Our team is made up of experienced marketers, designers and developers and we quickly realised that put us in the unique position of being able to provide the service we know promoters and stadium owners are looking for. 

About Our Stadium Seat Booking System

Lowest booking fees in the industry

Unlike our competitors, we only charge a very small fee per ticket sold.

You are free to set your own booking fee, which you’ll keep 100% of. If your customers are already accustomed to paying a booking fee on top of the ticket price, the transition will be seamless. It’s a great way to increase your revenue without increasing the end ticket price for your customers. 


Our ticketing software was developed using the extremely powerful and versatile Laravel framework. If you have no idea what that is, it’s a coding language that developers like to use when building high-throughput applications. 

It reduces the number of requests the server has to deal with which means our system is able to handle thousands of transactions simultaneously. 

A secondary benefit of using this particular framework is that it makes the system modular. Functionality can easily be added or removed depending on your requirements, without having to rewrite big chunks of the software’s code. Thanks to this modular approach, we are able to completely customise the system to meet your needs. Whatever it is, we can implement it.


The front-end user interface that customers will interact with has been designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. It’s a simple and minimalistic design that presents all of the information customers need in an easy to digest format. 

An interactive seat map for a stadium

The platform features a bespoke stadium seat booking system that takes interactive seat mapping to a new level. Customers can navigate around a virtual map of the stadium using their mouse or trackpad and zoom in to specific seat to find out more information like price and type of seat.

Making sure your customers have a positive experience from first logging onto your website or app, through to checkout was our primary goal while developing the UI. After you’ve requested a demo, we’ll talk with you about branding and how we can customise the user interface in a way that ties in with your existing brand. 

Comprehensive real-time reporting 

As well as having a great front-end user experience, we’ve made sure you and your team also benefit from its sleek design. 

The reporting dashboard is where you’ll find all kinds of information like total ticket sales, revenue, demographics and much, much more. It’s a place where you can get an overview of your sales operation and formulate data-driven marketing campaigns. 

The raw data is presented in a number of ways which makes it easy to analyse. Reports can be generated and exported based on any variables you choose. It makes presenting sales data as easy as possible.

Tech support and setup 

We’ll never leave you in the dark when you use our seat booking system.

You’ll be fully set up and running in no time and our support team is always on hand to resolve any technical issue that may arise after that. We don’t use a support ticket system, instead, you’ll be given direct contact details so you are always just a phone call away from help. 

The setup process is extremely simple and, in the vast majority of cases, won’t result in any downtime at all. We can integrate our system with your existing website or app for you, or we can create a new one depending on how you would like to proceed. 

A key aspect of how we do things is flexibility. We work around the needs of promoters and stadium owners, we don’t think you should have to work around the limitations of a ticketing system. 

Whatever stage you’re at, we can help. Get in touch and we’ll discuss your specific situation. 

A seat booking system with anti-fraud technology

Our proprietary anti-fraud technology means no ticket can ever be used twice, no two tickets will be the same and it eliminates the risk of counterfeiting. 

Unique barcodes are issued on every ticket which, once scanned upon entry into the stadium, can never be used again. You can be confident that only the people with valid tickets can gain entry to the event. 

There are many other powerful features we offer, these are just a small taste of what’s on offer.

An all-in-one stadium ticketing system that you can rely on

Our ticketing system takes care of the entire ticketing process from selling and issuing tickets, to managing access control on game day. It even helps you to formulate marketing campaigns based on the data it collects about customers. 

Our aim was to create one package that does it all. 

A package that means you don’t have go anywhere else for your event ticketing needs. As well as the features mentioned above, our system automatically issues tickets in whatever form the customer chooses (e-ticket, paper ticket etc…), it handles returns (if applicable) and uses SSL encryption to process customer payments and deposits into your bank account.

Our system can be integrated into any number of websites or mobile apps which means things like remaining inventory, special offers and more are automatically synced in real-time across all of your online stores. 

An example of how the Seatlab ticketing solution works 

Let’s say there are 100 tickets left to a football game

  • Alex buys one ticket
  • The system processes his payment and verifies its authenticity, it then issues Alex with his ticket.
  • The system updates its records to show there is now only 99 tickets available 
  • Alex decides to return his ticket for a full refund.
  • The system will process his refund, invalidate his ticket and update its records to show there are now 100 tickets available for that game.
  • On game day, if anyone tries to enter the venue by using Alex’s old ticket or barcode, the operator will be notified upon scanning the ticket. A message will appear that indicates it isn’t valid and that the person cannot be admitted into the stadium.

Obviously this is a very simple example, in reality the numbers would be much higher and other variables like the different ticket types would be taken into account. But hopefully this gives you a better idea of how everything works. 

The importance of ticketing system for stadiums cannot be overstated

We’re here to answer any questions you might have when it comes to our ticketing system, just get in touch by emailing one of our offices at

Or if you would like to see exactly what our system can do for yourself before you get in touch, book a demo by clicking here and filling out the form. 

Stadium ticketing is what we do. Let us show you why we are so confident in our system and, maybe even more importantly, how much money you can save with us compared to the traditional ticket selling platforms.

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