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Top Features of Seatlab That You’ll Love

In a world where businesses constantly compete for customer retention, brand image will set you apart. The power of a well-known, recognisable brand can help or hinder your company. Consider how a simple bullseye, a golden arch, or a single multicoloured letter has captivated and kept millions of customers. Seatlabs all in one event ticketing software can provide you with the tools to do this.

You may already have a brilliant brand, but do you also have a fantastic product? You might be tempted as a ticketing company to develop your own online ticketing service platform from the bottom up. Research and development consume a significant amount of time and money, restricting your capacity to devote the resources required to reach your core demographic.

What’s the answer? A ready-made white-label ticketing platform, such as Seatlab’s, that integrates seamlessly into your website while staying true to your company’s goals, perspective, and brand.

What Is White-Label Ticketing Software?

White-label software allows you to offer your own personalised services without developing your own technology or having unique technical skills and knowledge.

Customers will think that you own a ticketing system designed exclusively for your business if you use our white-label event ticketing software. Though the tickets are not printed straight from your company, they will bear your brand name and logo.

In other words, you can market a store-bought item as if it were made expressly for your company.

Seatlab’s white-label event ticketing software lets your business develop customised event sites, as well as produce and sell tickets. You can use this program to manage ticket sales, advertise your own brand, handle all customer data, and ultimately control venue and event access.

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How Seatlab’s Event Ticketing Software Can Help Grow Your Empire

White-label ticketing is used by only a few event companies. Implementing Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software is a huge step forward in event organisation, planning, and management. It will immediately distinguish your company from the competition.

By utilising Seatlab’s software to produce your own personalised online ticketing service, your company will be able to provide much more value by offering additional in-house services. By eliminating third-party ticket sales platforms, your company will be able to generate more revenue while never charging your current clients a single pence more!

Your logo and branding will be visible in all aspects of the event, from the tickets distributed to guests to the icon represented on the event webpage to the domain from which tickets are sent, and more!

Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software allows you to expand your business by adding new sources of revenue, growing new client totals, increasing overall data access, and more without significantly increasing your company’s expenses.

The Benefits of Using Seatlab’s White-label Ticketing Platform

The ability to sell tickets directly from your website using an online ticketing solution means that your customers enjoy a smooth, streamlined purchasing experience with YOU. Using our white-label ticketing software, you can efficiently eliminate third-party ticket providers, reduce overall expenses, increase earnings, and keep customers focused on your brand.

Using Seatlab’s white-label ticketing software on your company’s website saves you money and time by allowing you to focus your attention on other parts of your events instead of building an entirely new online ticketing service from the bottom up.

Working with a collaborator that is already a seasoned pro is the most efficient approach to maximise your financial return while putting in the least amount of time and effort. When you factor in the price of new updates, annual upkeep, and other necessary improvements, the cost of creating your own online ticketing system may be in the millions.

At that rate, your business would take years to even get close to breaking even. Your energies would be better served if they were focused on acquiring new consumers and promoting your new online ticketing system to your current customers.

Acquiring a provider such as Seatlab, who has a low entry barrier and takes care of all the technical parts of your online ticketing platform, may put your company on the fast track to significant returns after just a few events.

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Top 11 Features of Seatlab

Our top priority at Seatlab is to offer the best possible solutions to the problems faced by our clients’ businesses. Seatlab’s white-label event ticketing software hits that mark and more! Each feature of our online event ticketing platform has been developed to enhance your customers’ experience, drive sales, and increase profits. Seatlab’s top features include:

1. Multiple ticket types

With Seatlab, your customers may now purchase a variety of tickets with ease. If you want to sell VIP packages, single or multi-day passes, or group tickets, our event ticket software can help.

2. Ability to set reservations and interactive mapping functions

Allow your customers to quickly find the best views in the place with our user-friendly interactive seat map and seat selector tools. With our innovative technology, customers may zoom into certain blocks or regions of your venue and select their perfect seat (all while wearing their pajamas).

Customers may quickly and conveniently choose the best available seats by pressing a button. When people have the choice to do so, they are more likely to increase their spending after they realise what they can acquire for a little more money. It’s one of the most valuable aspects of our dynamic seat map, and it’s not available on any other ticketing platform.

3. “Smart” seating capability

Our industry-leading technology ensures that no single empty seat is left between bookings, allowing any venue to be optimised for maximum profit. Additionally, the algorithm can be adjusted to ensure that your venue complies with Covid guidelines. Our software does this by only having seats available to clients that are at a comfortable distance from one another.

4. Promo codes and vouchers

Seatlab’s event ticketing software will enable you to allow consumers to use promo codes at checkout to get discounts and special deals. You can offer discount codes to particular events, run them for a set amount of time, assign percentage discounts or a fixed monetary discount, and select if they can be combined with other offers.

5. E-tickets and physical tickets

When a consumer buys a ticket, they will receive a confirmation email of their purchase, which will include their e-ticket. With the click of a button, you can individually re-send clients’ confirmation emails if necessary. Each e-ticket can have a custom branded design unique to the event and/or promoter.

Physical printed tickets are an alternative to e-ticketing. Seatlab’s customers can get printed ticket templates with secure QR codes from us. Each consumer will receive a ticket with their personal information and a unique QR code based on the ticket template chosen.

These templates are print-ready and compatible with industry-leading ticket printing machines such as BOCA systems. If you prefer, we can also provide you with the materials, printing equipment, and assistance you’ll need to sell actual tickets.

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6. Social media sign-in and client account creation

Seatlab’s event ticketing software will make your system as simple as possible to use. Clients can set up an account with their email address, or you can make it easier for them by allowing them to sign in using Facebook or Twitter.

Enable users to return at any moment for any future event with a button tap. Give customers the easiest experience possible, and you’ll have a chance to establish customer retention based on a straightforward yet powerful and adaptable method of ticket buying.

7. Branding abilities

Seatlab allows you to use any logo of your choosing for tickets, webpages, reports, and more, without any lingering mark left by our company. Your branding and company logo will be all that your clients see.

8. Customisable booking fees

Each of your events will have its own scheduling cost, no matter how many there are. You keep 100% of whatever booking fees you charge, so if you want to increase revenue from a particular event, simply establish a custom booking price.

9. Secure payment processing

All payment data and all other personal information are transmitted through a secure connection. We employ end-to-end encryption to ensure that no vulnerabilities exist anywhere along the chain.

Stripe is Seatlab’s preferred payment processor, and it is already incorporated into the system. However, please let us know if you choose to continue utilising an alternative payment processor. Most payment processors can be integrated into Seatlab’s event ticketing software.

10. Data safety

Dealing with private data securely is a must for all businesses. Inform your customers that their data and financial information is appropriately, securely, and fully GDPR-compliant and is stored on encrypted servers that meet the most strict security requirements. This crucial element demonstrates how seriously your company views its responsibilities.

11. Cloud platform and top-performing servers

Our system is entirely cloud-based. This means that you won’t have to worry about hosting software, running servers, or connecting your numerous sales channels. You simply connect to our cloud.

We take care of maintaining infrastructure and keeping it up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing your team to focus on more vital tasks. Our cloud-based platform is powered by high-performance servers with continuous backups and lightning-fast caching.

This combination ensures 99.9% uptime, allowing your organisation to run smoothly and efficiently. We’ve included traffic surge protection so you won’t be caught off guard when it matters most.

Final Thoughts

Seatlab regards your decision to use our white-label event ticketing software as a collaboration, and we’re happy to play a supporting role in the development of your company’s online ticketing service. We give top-notch assistance for you as well as your customers, as well as a slew of tools that will enable you to scale your business to any size you desire! Get in touch today!

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