A Sports Ticketing Company With A Difference: What Our Clients Say About Us

Stadiums and sports fields across the UK are preparing for upcoming matches as the country recovers from the COVID pandemic. Sports fans are excited to resume attending events, as sports stadiums are now allowed to operate at full capacity once again. Using the right sports ticketing company can help you take advantage of the recovery our industry is going through.

Seatlab is the top sports ticketing company in the UK. We offer a streamlined platform where you can completely customise your ticket offerings and track valuable data, including sales data and customer demographics. Here is a closer look at why our clients continue to use our event ticketing platform for their upcoming events.

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The Post-Pandemic Events Industry Is Thriving

The UK started implementing nationwide lockdowns in March 2020. The events industry struggled during the pandemic, as the lockdowns kept many groups from holding events. Sports clubs were forced to wait out the lockdowns. A year and a half later, the country has lifted most of its restrictions, including limiting the capacity for in-person events.

The government does not have restrictions on how many people can take part in sports activities. All sports facilities can now open, which is great for the players, fans, and economy.

The events industry contributes over £39 billion to the country’s economy each year. Sports events are the second-most popular type of event, accounting for close to a third of all ticket sales. The industry took a hit during the pandemic, but the easing of restrictions has allowed ticket sales to resume.

Football stadiums returned to full capacity starting on July 19, 2021, just in time for the start of the Premier League’s 21/22 season. The season got underway in mid-August, with the country’s top 20 teams once again competing at stadiums around the UK.

Along with football, spectators have been waiting to buy tickets to upcoming cricket, rugby, and tennis matches. We are expected to spend billions on live event tickets by the end of the year. If you are planning on adding to the growing list of upcoming events, consider using a ticketing platform like Seatlab.

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The Right Sports Ticketing Company Helps You Sell More Tickets

Using a reliable ticketing platform is essential for filling seats for your next sports event. While many stadiums will still sell tickets at the gate, offering online ticket sales helps you reach full capacity faster. 

Selling online allows you to start offering tickets months in advance of your event. Guests no longer need to arrive at an event early to buy tickets at the gate or deal with third-party resellers, and you no longer have to give away a big chunk of revenue to expensive ticketing platforms. 

Having an all-in-one ticketing solution also improves the admissions process. You can monitor how many tickets you have sold, which seats are still available, and other useful details that may help you tweak your marketing to sell more tickets.

What Is Seatlab?

Seatlab is an innovative sports ticketing company that provides an events ticketing platform built on cloud-based technology. We aim to grow our platform to provide a unified ticketing system that can handle all ticket sales from large and small venues alike. Using cloud-based technology allows our platform to deliver a ‘plug and play’ experience efficiently and cost-effectively.

Seatlab allows you to control how your tickets are sold and resold. For example, you can add terms on how ticket sales are handled after purchase, such as preventing the tickets from being resold at a much higher price. The level of control that you receive and the ability to have custom features designed to meet your specific needs is not available with most of our competitors.

Along with the advantages we’ve already discussed, Seatlab gives you the tools needed to sell more tickets without any hassle. Our clients frequently point out the following benefits of our platform:

  • Customers receive e-tickets with scannable barcodes
  • You retain full control over your event and ticket sales
  • We provide a 100% customisable platform 
  • You gain access to analytics for monitoring ticket sales
  • You retain ownership of the collected data
  • We accept payments from a variety of currencies
  • We only take a small commission for each ticket sold

Seatlab provides an all-inclusive solution for selling tickets online. You can schedule and manage events, sell tickets, and more. We also offer premium customer support. Customers can get in touch via email, telephone, live chat or in person at our office in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Here is a closer look at the key benefits of choosing our sports ticketing company.

Convenient E-Tickets With Scannable Barcodes

Printing paper tickets to sell at the gate costs money. Switching to e-tickets offers a more affordable and convenient option. When a customer buys a ticket, they automatically receive an email containing the e-ticket with a scannable barcode. Customers also receive a reminder email a few hours before the start of the event.

Customers can print the e-ticket or display it on their smartphone when they arrive at the event. We also provide a check-in app for iOS and Android devices. Guests enjoy shorter wait times when reaching the gate, as you can quickly check them in using a mobile device.

Customise Your Event To Deliver A Better Customer Experience

Seatlab allows you to completely customise the online ticket sales page to match the identity of your business. You can include your business name, logo, and other types of branding to integrate your sales page with your existing brand image.

After creating an account, you can start managing your events using our intuitive user dashboard. The dashboard provides access to all your events in one spot. You can easily view and manage any upcoming event and review data from past events.

The platform also includes an events calendar and planner, making it easier to schedule upcoming events and plan your marketing campaign.

Review Ticket Analytics To Track Your Success 

Seatlab users gain access to a variety of metrics related to ticket sales, including overall sales, demographics, and event reach by city. You retain ownership of the data, which gives you more information for increasing the effectiveness of future marketing campaigns. 

The data is available from the user dashboard, making it easy to quickly check sales information. You can instantly view how many tickets you have sold and which regions your customers come from, allowing you to tweak your marketing efforts. 

Seatlabs reporting function on an ipad

Create Seat Mapping And Discount Codes For Attendees

The Seatlab platform includes an interactive seat mapping feature. You can map out the seats in your sports stadium or field and allow guests to select their seats. 

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to seating. Some people only want to sit near the action in the front few rows. Others prefer seats near amenities, such as the restroom or an exit. Providing the option to select seats may help you sell more tickets.

You can also entice more customers with discount codes. Our platform includes options for creating discount codes for individual events or different types of tickets. Here are a few common strategies for maximising ticket sales with discounts:

  • Early access tickets
  • Early bird deals
  • Special promotions

You can attract more repeat business by targeting past customers. Early access discounts are given to past attendees or individuals who subscribe to a marketing list, encouraging them to come back for a future event.

Early bird deals are offered when the event is first announced. You can offer a discount for a limited time for those who purchase tickets in advance.

Discount codes are also useful for special promotions. For example, you could combine discount codes with a social media marketing campaign to reach a bigger audience.

Boost Your Profits From Ticket Sales For Sporting Events

Each ticket that you sell helps cover a wide range of expenses, including marketing, venue fees, security, and other commitments. These expenses eat away at your profits.

Sports events often provide a variety of potential income streams, such as merchandising and licensing. However, ticket sales are still likely a large part of your income from each event. Increasing the ticket price helps increase your profit margin but may also limit the total number of tickets sold. 

At Seatlab, we offer the most cost-effective ticketing solution on the market when compared to other sports ticketing companies. As we only take a small commission for each ticket sold, you retain more of the sale price. You can increase your profit margins without increasing the ticket price.


The COVID pandemic disrupted the sports industry in the UK and across the globe. Now that restrictions have been lifted, the public is ready to have fun, which includes watching their favourite teams play. The sports sector is expected to grow steadily over the next decade, providing more opportunities to host events and sell more tickets.

Seatlab is a streamlined sports ticketing company offering a revolutionary platform so you can focus more on your next sports event. Our platform provides increased security, management, and customisation compared to other systems while at the same time affording you total control over how you sell, manage, and promote tickets.

If you are ready to sell more tickets, contact the experts at Seatlab and book a demo today.

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